2007 Alumnus of the Year
> 2007 Alumnus of the Year


2007 Alumnus of the Year Mike Daly, 2007 Alumnus of the Year, with his wife, Pam

Mike Daly began work at the San Diego Christian College (CHC) in the spring of 1986 just before graduation. He worked under Mr. Jim Courey in the Development office. Mr. Courey left sometime in 1987, and Mr. Don Ruby became the Director of Institutional Development. Mike became the Associate Director Of Institutional Development and began working in the areas of marketing/advertising, fund raising and alumni relations.

Mike left the college in 1989 and went to work for the Fortune 500 Company, Harcourt, Brace and Jovanovich Publishers. (Now known as Harcourt General.) He was the Marketing Production Manager and oversaw the production of direct mail marketing and advertising. He was with Harcourt until 1995.

In early 1995 Mike received a call from Dr. William “Randy” Rebold asking him to come help him in a new venture. Randy had been the Administrative Assistant to Dr. David Jeremiah when he first arrived at Shadow Mountain Church. Randy also oversaw the musical groups at the college. This is how Randy and Mike initially met and began working together. Mike says "Randy had always told me that I would be the first person he would call when he was ready to start the company." Currently, as Executive Vice President, Mike oversees the daily operation of Living Proof and Primary Focus.

Living Proof/Primary Focus is a wonderful ministry providing positive lessons for elementary age children. As one of the premiere school assembly programs in America under the name Primary Focus, Randy Rebold's group also does a wonderful Contemporary Christian Music concert for churches in the area as Living Proof. Please contact your principal about scheduling this wonderful group at your school. 

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