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MyStory: Shelby


How I Got Here: 

While I was looking at colleges to go to, I never thought I would want to go to the smallest one on my list. But when I visited the school, I felt like I had just stepped into a family. There was an incredible sense of community that I felt myself wanting to be a part of. And coming from somewhere as cold as Oregon, I definitely couldn't pass up the great weather and location!

My Activities: 

I am a part of the SDCC volleyball team. And when I have time for other activities there's a lot of hiking, stand-up paddling, and other outdoor adventures.
The People: The people at SDCC are what makes this school so awesome. I have made friends at this school that I know are going to last a lifetime. Both the students and professors here genuinely care so much about everyone and there is a special sort of bond that I don't believe you can find anywhere else. 

Fun Times: Some of the best memories I have are ones I've made at SDCC. While living on campus, there are some pretty random fun times that make for unforgettable memories. There have also been plenty of long bus rides with the volleyball team that are terribly uncomfortable, but definitely some of the funniest moments of my life.


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