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MyStory: Sam


How I Got Here:
I originally wanted to be an aviation major. I had visited another school that offers aviation to check out their program and then a couple of months after that, I visited SDCC in hopes of confirming my desire to join the aviation program. As I was touring campus with two other prospective aviation majors and after sitting in Denny Breslin’s office and discussing aviation stuff, it hit me like a brick wall – I was not cut out for this! So, at the end of my first visit to SDCC to check out the aviation program, I switched my major to Bible. Even with this change I still loved the campus and the people, and felt a real peace about going to school here.

My Experience:
My experience has honestly been life-changing. I came in thinking that my Bible classes were going to change me because of all the knowledge I would receive. Now don’t get me wrong, the classes have changed my life, but the biggest tool God has used (and is using) to shape me have been the professors and my fellow students. The friends I’ve made while attending school here have played a monumental role in the transforming of my mind and the shaping of my life. It’s also great to have professors that pray for me and genuinely care for my soul. I would choose SDCC all over again, simply because I have met life-long friends here.

Music Teams:
I have played drums on the worship teams for all of the one and a half years of my attending SDCC. It’s been so great! I have grown musically and spiritually. There has been such a variety of settings in which the bands have played, from high-tech youth group rooms to small buildings in tiny churches. God has also really used my fellow team members to transform my idea of worship, especially my friend Nikko Santos. Worship team has become so much more than playing drums; it’s a ministry in which I can really affect people and be affected by people.

The Difference:
I was raised in the public school system, so it was quite a shift to go from a 4,000-student public high school to a 500-student private Christian college. I have had a lot of professors who would teach us and then expect us to leave when the bell rang. At SDCC, however, the teachers are very intentional about ministering to us, praying for us, and encouraging us in our walks. They not only know the material they teach, but they live it out. I think all of the Bible majors would agree that God uses Professor Steve Whitten in huge ways on this campus. He actively prays for his students and is always willing to help us, both academically and spiritually. Another professor that has played a big role in my life is Professor John Pulliam. His focus on the gospel is unreal! He is such an example both to myself and others. The two classes I’ve had with him have had a profound impact on my life. I can confidently say that I love Jesus more because of that man.

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