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MyStory: Kayla

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The Aviation department is very much like a family. We operate in a totally different world than most people, so when it comes to help with classes, we can really rely on each other. From my freshman year, struggling to get through my first written exam and check ride for Private Pilot, I had all of the upper classmen right there to help guide me along, encourage me, teach me, and direct me on to success. We all have each other’s backs and I absolutely love that. When you walk through the halls, you say hello or good morning to nearly everyone you pass by. There are so many people with such huge, servant-like hearts at this school. What ultimately matters in college selection is being where God wants you to be, but if I were to choose again, I would definitely choose SDCC because of all these reasons. If God wants you to come to SDCC, then have faith that He will provide and will bless your experience here. After my first visit to the school and talk with Captain Denis Breslin, I finally felt that peace in my heart, I felt like this was exactly where God wanted me to be.

Flight Team:
I am involved in the Flight Team at SDCC, which is a team of pilots, although non-pilots can join too, that competes with other schools across the nation in events such as landings, message drops, navigation, SCAN, and pre-flight. We are a very close knit group and end up spending quite a bit of time together between practice, fundraising, and the flight competition itself.

Professors Who Mentor:
I first met Nali Hilderman in her American History class. Not the easiest class to take, but she makes you work for your grade, and I’m not particularly good at memorizing names and dates to begin with. But something that stood out to me was her prayers. Every time before class, she would pray, and her prayers were so personal and heartfelt that it really caught my attention. I loved listening to her talk to God. And so when I was looking for a mentor, I decided that I would ask her. The more I got to know her, I saw what an incredible woman of God she is. God has used her so much in the past year to speak into my life and give me direction when He is trying to teach me something. And more than just talking with her on a weekly basis, the way that she lives her life is such an incredible example for me to follow. She has such a beautiful heart and goes above and beyond what her job calls for. I know first-hand that God has used her in so many ways to touch the lives of the students here at SDCC.

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