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MyStory: Monique


How I Got Here:
God led me to SDCC through a college fair that was held at my high school, Capital Christian School. I was immediately drawn to this school when talking to Toni who was working at the booth. I now know for a fact that this is where God wanted me to be, and it’s amazing how He works things out for His good! My overall experience at SDCC has been an amazing time. The people that you meet, the faculty and staff as well, are amazing. God has definitely used the people who I am surrounded by at SDCC to impact my life. I have learned so much over the past three years that I have attended this school and I would definitely choose SDCC all over again.

My Activities:
I have had the amazing opportunity to serve on the music teams for the past two years. It has been such a great experience that has made me grow both musically and spiritually. I have been pushed to learn new things and to expand my abilities musically. Spiritually, I have definitely grown in my walk with the Lord. I strongly suggest getting involved in activities or ministry teams at SDCC.

The People:
The staff and faculty at SDCC have always been very helpful and they really care about the students. Professor Stanton, for example, has played a big role in my college career. She has not only been my academic adviser, but she has been a great example in my life. She has shown me what hard work looks like. I actually met my best friend at SDCC, and I know that she will be a lifetime friend. The people that I have met at SDCC have made a huge impact on me. I am so grateful to have made so many great friends. I have had the opportunity to live on campus for three years and it has been such a great experience. It’s nice to get to know everyone and feel like a family.

Fun Times:
My favorite memory made at SDCC has to be going to all of the sporting events! My favorite social event on campus has been the campus concert with Jason Castro, a musician from American Idol.


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