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MyStory:  Zach

How I Got Here:
Since I live 5 minutes from the campus, I have always known about SDCC and have had friends attend here. When I felt the Lord call me to ministry, I felt that SDCC was the right college for me. My experience at SDCC has been amazing. I have made lifelong friendships here that I wouldn't have made anywhere else. I believe God has used the friendships I have made here to impact me the most. I can be real with all of my friends, and can encourage or be encouraged by them. The people here at SDCC have been some of the most influential people in my life, besides my parents and Christ of course! The community that is built here is like no place else. From the staff to friends on campus, they all genuinely care about you.

Worship Team:
My favorite memories have been with the worship teams. We all get to grow and share life together for a whole year. We get to know people on campus that we wouldn't have ever have had the opportunity to connect with if we weren't on the same worship team. I have so many great memories but there have been numerous occasions where I have ended up crying because our band was laughing so hard from something someone did. Whether joking and laughing on a drive to a church or during band practice, those are some of the memories I value the most.

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