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MyStory: Abby


How I Got Here:
A long-time family friend, who was also my Junior High pastor, suggested SDCC to me. After visiting for DHML Day, I was hooked and it was apparent that this was the place for me. My experience here has been great. The students, staff, and environment have influenced me in eternal ways. I would definitely choose to come here all over again. This place is an awesome community! It offers so much and has had a real positive impact on my life. I do not think I would be dealing well with the difficulties this last year has presented to me if it weren't for this school and these people. God has used the SDCC staff, faculty, environment, and amazing friendships in such instrumental ways in my life. Within my first semester at SDCC, I had met those who are currently my best friends. I have met people who genuinely love God, who come from similar backgrounds, and who want to serve God and others. I have experienced great mentoring from the Staff members, especially in Student Life and Admissions. Even the visiting chapel speakers have been influential. These people have forever made an impression on my life. For that, I am extremely grateful.

Missions Trip to Thailand:
I can safely say that the Thailand trip was the most challenging and difficult experience I've ever had. The climate, weather, and living conditions were challenging, of course…especially those bug bites! While I was there, I received news that my brother had passed away. This made the remainder of the trip rough, to say the least. That said, I would not exchange it for anything. God taught me so much throughout that short length of time. I learned how to live with peace, joy, and complete and utter dependence on Christ through the hardest of circumstances. I also saw God use the Christian community. Many individuals in the Thailand team were used by God to comfort not only me but my family. God used the short time there to teach me lifelong lessons, ones that I continue to remember now that I'm back in the United States. That is what makes me love San Diego Christian College. God has used the professors, staff members, students, and community here in amazing ways in my life. The College has profoundly and eternally affected my relationship with Christ. I can't wait to see what comes next for SDCC!"

Favorite Memory Made at SDCC:
I honestly cannot pick my favorite! There are so many. Walmart runs in footie pajamas, hall cup events involving an absurd amount of chocolate, late night studying hysterics, working in the Admission's Office, taking part in the school's musical production, and the Rancho Sordo Mudo mission trips are all a part of my top favorite memories. The best part is that many of these will become a part of my favorite lifelong memories.
I think my favorite events on campus are the Conferences and Chapels, simply because of the spiritual impact they have had on my life. As for social events, I think intramurals are my favorite. I don't even play but I love to watch and cheer people on. It’s usually a blast where both commuters and residents can have fun together, competitive or not.

Passion for Learning:
The staff, and faculty at San Diego Christian College have been incredible to me. One specific person comes to mind, however. Coming to San Diego Christian College, I was not thrilled at continuing education period. To be honest, I had never been in love with learning. During my first semester, I had Mrs. King for my World History course. For the first few weeks, I experienced extreme frustration. This professor was obviously not one to give away an easy “A”. This prompted me to listen, study, and work harder than ever before. After a while, I actually became interested in the information I was being taught. It was no longer a chore. Mrs. King's passion for History inspired my interest in a topic that, up till then, had never particularly interested me. I decided to emphasize in History. Mrs. King clearly loved her students and the subject she was teaching. She is one of the most dedicated and strong people I know. I am incredibly grateful for her influence on my scholastic, spiritual, and personal life.

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