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 How I Got Here:

Interesting story... I was only a year into being a Christian when I realized that the secular community college I was attending was too much for me to handle. So I prayed and asked to be put into a Christian college. I took a tour of another very nice Southern California faith-based college then took a tour of SDCC. I applied at both schools. Things at SDCC were running smoothly, while the other school had discovered that my application was nowhere to be found. More forward development continued at SDCC while I applied again at that other school. I waited, called again, and the result was the same as before. When I got a call from SDCC admissions saying I was accepted, I was thrilled! I also took it as a sign from God that I was to attend SDCC. Throughout this process, God provided. My financial aid, loans, scholarships, and all finances cleared in three days. It was a miracle! One week I was in L.A., the next I had moved to San Diego to attend a brand new school! AMAZING.

Impacted Me Most:
The people on the Spiritual Life team have probably impacted me the most. The last three years of my SDCC career have been fantastic because of the work God has done through our Spiritual Life Director, Steve Jenkins. Also, I believe we have had some of the best speakers in chapel, some great prayer time, and wonderful conferences that have really made me grow in my walk. The fact that it’s a small community means you can really get to know people. I have found that I have met some of my best friends here. This is the place I really found a home and discovered where God was pulling me toward. I have gained so much wisdom and knowledge that I can use for the rest of my life. SDCC is a great school and I would easily choose to come here all over again. I love many of the professors and staff, and I have many great friends and opportunities because of this school. It is small but has a big heart. I love this place.

Vision In Israel:
I have been a part of many different groups through my time here, one of which is the VISION team. It is a music and silent-drama based missions team that spreads the Gospel all over the world. I have shared the Gospel in Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, and English. It has been an amazing experience to be somewhere completely foreign to me, able to share the Gospel perfectly in their dialect through song. Breaking the language barrier completely by silent drama and conveying the beautiful message of Christ without words is really breath taking.

One of the most memorable things happened when VISION was in Israel, on the streets of Tel Aviv. A teammate and I spoke to a Jewish man that was very curious about what we were doing. We introduced ourselves and he told us his name was simply “Shalom”. We kindly explained what we were doing and he opened up to us. He told us some of his past experience with Christianity and that Christians were the reason he moved from Canada to Israel. He had wanted to explore his roots and discover his faith. We then told him what we believe, without arguing. He was very nice and very open. Then he said something I will never forget. Mind you, this is a Jewish man who turned away from Christianity DUE TO CHRISTIANS. He said: “Israel needs more people like you, people who love God and are devoted to His work.” We thanked him and, realizing we had to go finish our program, we bid him goodbye. He smiled and disappeared into the crowd. God has used that moment to encourage me in my life and, if I hadn't come to SDCC, it never would have happened.

The Professors:
Steve Whitten, Fred Blackburn, and Steve Jenkins have made HUGE impacts on my life. For some of his classes, Professor Whitten requires weekly journal entries. He simply asks us to write down what God is doing in our lives. During these times, I was dealing with my father passing away, my mother being diagnosed with cancer, many relationship ups and downs, work struggles and many other trials. Every time I wrote a journal, the notes of encouragement I received back from Professor Whitten helped me get through some of the hardest times of my life.

Fred Blackburn has challenged me to question the norm and really dive into my faith. He has a way of teaching that either melts your brain or gets your blood boiling. It challenges you to question what you've believed and really dive into the Word of God. In 1 John, the Bible talks about challenging every spirit. Fred really makes you understand why it’s so important to do this. He has also taken time outside of class to guide me through trials and to get an understanding of where I was in life.

Steve Jenkins is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. If you can get involved in Spiritual Life on campus, I highly recommend it. Working with Steve has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. He is constantly praying for me, he is always checking up on me, and through the trial of my mom’s cancer, he was one of my biggest supporters.
My life has been drastically changed because of God using these three men and many others from SDCC to impact me.

I think Zach is also on MY STORY. I met him last year and he has quickly become one of the BEST friends I have ever had. He is always there and always ready to joke and have a good time. But he is also a wonderful man of God who has encouraged me in ways I didn't think were possible. He and I are in a band together that is compiled of all SDCC members. I have had many opportunities and encounters that I believe only SDCC can provide.
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