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Applying to SDCC

The following information will help you in the process:

Early Acceptance Award

$1,000 is available to students who complete the application process at San Diego Christian College by submitting ALL required application materials by January 15th preceding the Fall enrollment term. This is a one year award.

Regular Admission

Applicants are encouraged to begin and complete the admissions process as soon as possible due to financial aid priority deadlines and space availability for on-campus housing. Each applicant must complete all required steps for final admission prior to registration as a student.

Request Spiritual Life Recommendation

This reference should be someone who is not related to you, but knows you well; we ask that it would be someone like a pastor, youth pastor, bible study or small group leader that has been witness to growth in your spiritual life. The evaluator is responsible for returning the form to the SDCC admissions office. If you have questions about who can and cannot submit a reference for you, please call your admissions counselor at 1-800-676-2242

Request an Official Transcript of Your Academic Record

If Highschool GPA, College GPA, SAT and or ACT scores do not meet SDCC’s admission requirements an academic recommendation may be requested.

High School Seniors

Please request an official copy of your in progress transcript be sent to SDCC. Also, request another copy to be sent to SDCC after graduation to reflect your final grades and scores. If you have attended more than one high school, request only the transcript from the high school in which you graduated from. If you do not have a high school transcript and took the GED as completion of high school, please send a copy of GED along with the application packet.

College Transfers

Please request an official copy of transcripts from all colleges/universities previously attended. If you are currently attending college, have an in progress transcript sent now and a final transcript sent when the semester is complete. All transfer students will also need a copy of their high school transcript regardless of the number of college units completed.

Results from SAT I or ACT Tests

Students who have 30 or more college units will not need these scores. If you have not taken the SAT or ACT test, and have less than 30 units, you should arrange to take the test at a local testing facility. Please visit their respective websites at and for more information. Request that the scores by sent to SDCC by adding 4150 as our SAT code, and 211 for our ACT score.

Compass.gif Click here for information and sample questions on the COMPASS™ placement test.

Follow Up with Questions

Please follow up with your SDCC Admissions Counselor if you have questions or concerns about the admission process. Once materials have been received, your application for admission will be considered. It is your responsibility to make sure your admission file is complete.

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