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San Diego Christian College Distinctives

Each Institution, no matter where it is located, has unique distinctives.  the following are some of the notable characteristics of SDCC.

Faculty and Staff

Knowledge with Character - Every educational institution is designed to share knowledge with its students, but very few colleges desire to help shape values of those students. SDCC works to develop true Christian character through a faculty, staff and administration who take personal interest in the student.

"My education at SDCC has been so helpful because I have learned not only in the classroom but also from the lives of my professors, who live out what they teach..." ~Rondi Pogue, Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, May 2006


SDCC was specifically developed to be a residential campus community, nurturing a spirit of unity and of "family" among its students, staff and faculty.

"It has been a safe environment for me to try new things and know that if I fail, my brothers and sisters will be there to lift me up and wipe me off."    ~ Tiffany Wolfe, Student

Academic Foundation and Creationism

The educational philosophy of San Diego Christian College involves the integration of the inspired Word of God into all academic and personal aspects of a student's life. SDCC positively affirms that God created the universe and continues to enjoy a close relationship with the Institute of Creation Research

"Your life will never be the same once you have stepped on to the campus. I love the school and its dedication to Biblical principles." ~Jenn Shinn, Interdisciplinary Studies/Business Management-Aviation, 2006 Graduate

Spiritual Development

One of the distinctions that sets San Diego Christian College apart from other institutes of higher learning is the emphasis placed on a student’s spiritual life. The goal of SDCC is to fully equip students to influence the world.

"I truly appreciate the professors at SDCC and their dedication to not only education, but to each and every students personal and spiritual life." ~Shannon Miers, Bachelor of Arts in History & Social Science, May 2006

Location, Location, Location

Located in beautiful Southern California, SDCC is a short distance from nearby mountain, desert, and beach resort areas. Modern freeways allow easy travel to any of San Diego's attractions within half hour. San Diego's many cultural, entertainment, and research centers afford SDCC students and excellent opportunity to participate in a wide variety of educational, recreational, and cultural activities.

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