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SDCC Grants and Scholarships

The following Institutional Awards are provided for students enrolled full-time in the Traditional program.  All scholarships and grants are renewable for 4 years unless otherwise stated.

Dr. Henry Morris Leadership Scholarship: San Diego Christian College desires to educate and prepare Christian leaders who will make an impact on this world. Prospective students who exhibit leadership qualities in the classroom and the community are invited to apply for the Dr. Henry Morris Leadership Scholarship. Selected students will then receive a written invitation to visit the College and continue with the scholarship process. Award amounts vary from $1,000 to full tuition.

 Click here for details on this scholarship.  

Academic Scholarships: 
The academic scholarships listed below apply to students entering SDCC for the first time during the 2013-2014 school year.  Academic scholarships are awarded based upon information provided and units completed at the time of acceptance.  To qualify for an Academic scholarship, a student must have a minimum 3.0.

GPA Award + Test Scores = Total Award

Freshman and Transfer Students with less than 30 credits:  
Scholarship Name  GPA Requirement  GPA Award Amount     
Founder's Scholarship*      4.01+ $10,000
President's Scholarship**
3.75-4.00 $8,000
Trustee Scholarship** 3.50-3.74 $6,000
Merit Scholarship 3.25-3.49 $4,000
Achievement Scholarship 3.00-3.24 $2,000

*In order to be eligible for the Founder's Scholarship, the student must have a 4.01+ GPA and a minimum SAT score of 1320 (Math & Reading) or a minimum ACT score of 28.
** To receive the Trustee Scholarship or President's Scholarship, the student must meet the minimum SAT/ACT requirements for admission to the college.  If they do not, they will be considered for the Merit or Achievement Scholarship. 

Test Score  (SAT Math & Reading or ACT Composite)  Test Score Award Amount 
1320+/30+ $2,000
1210-1310/27-29 $1,500
1090-1200/24-26 $1,000
980-1080/21-23 $500

Renewal: The Founder's Scholarship and President's Scholarship require a 3.5 GPA to renew.  The Trustee Scholarship, Merit Scholarship, and Achievement Scholarship may be renewed with a 3.0

Transfer students and continuing students not previously awarded with a minimum college GPA of 3.00 with at least 30 credits at the time of awarding 
GPA      Amount 
3.75-4.00 $8,000
3.50-3.74 $6,000
3.25-3.49 $4,000
3.00-3.24 $2,000

These Academic Scholarships may be renewed with a 3.0 GPA 

Valedictorian Scholarship: Students graduating at the top of their class as valedictorian who have a cumulative GPA of 3.8 or better are awarded $2,000. Senior class size must be greater than 15 students and the student must be enrolling at SDCC directly from high school.  This is a one year award.

Home School Scholarship: $2,000 is awarded to students who have been home-schooled for at least 3 of their high school years.

SDCC Family Grant: $1,000 Available to dependent students of families who have 2 or more siblings simultaneously attending SDCC full time in the Traditional program. 

Legacy Grant: $1,000 is available to dependents of SDCC/CHC alumni.

Travel Grant: The SDCC Travel Grant is awarded to new out-of-state students and is awarded as follows:

Zone 2: $1,000 AR-IA-IL-KS-LA-MN-MO-MS-ND-NE-SD-WI

Visit Grant: $1,000 Available to prospective students who travel more than 500 miles to visit the college campus.  This is a one year award.  

Early Acceptance Award: $1,000 Available to first time applicants who complete the application process at San Diego Christian College by submitting ALL required application materials by January 15th preceding the Fall enrollment term.  This is a one year award.

Awana Scholarship: Students who received the Awana Citation Award are eligible for $4,000 ($1,000/four years); Meritorious Award recipients are eligible for $3,000 ($750/four years); Timothy Award recipients are eligible for $2,000 ($500/four years). Verification from Awana Headquarters must be provided by the student by the first day of classes.

Church Matching Grant: Scholarship monies received by the Enrollment Services Office prior to the first day of classes from a church entity on behalf of a student and applied directly toward that student’s account will be matched by Institutional funds up to $500 per semester. The College requires that a church send a letter of scholarship including the student’s full name along with a check made payable to San Diego Christian College and the student’s name to the SDCC Enrollment Services Office. SDCC’s Church Matching Grant application must be submitted prior to first term of enrollment for the academic year.

Christian Worker Dependent Discount: For dependent students whose family’s primary source of income derives from a parent’s employment in full-time (non-profit) ministry (missionary, pastor, Christian school teacher, or administrator). Need-based grant: must demonstrate need, as determined by the FAFSA. SDCC’s Christian Worker Dependent application must be submitted to verify eligibility. This award is renewable up to four years at SDCC if student remains eligible.

1st and 2nd year at SDCC = 15% of full-time tuition
3rd and 4th year at SDCC = 20% of full-time tuition

Heritage Grant: The Heritage Grant is need-based and awarded as appropriate after all other award eligibility has been evaluated. For consideration, a FAFSA must be filed to determine need. 

International Student Aid

International students (anyone other than a U.S. citizen, permanent resident or non-resident eligible to apply for Federal aid) must submit a Declaration of Finance to the Office of Admissions.

International Student Grant: May be awarded per year depending on the level of financial need. International students are also eligible for Athletic and Music/Drama team awards. All International student aid is tuition-based only.

Special Selection/Performance Scholarship

The following Institutional scholarships require additional applications, service commitments, tryouts, and/or auditions. Students are encouraged to contact the appropriate faculty/staff member or the Admissions Office to inquire about these opportunities.

Athletic: Students selected, after a tryout/interview process, to participate in the intercollegiate athletic program receive scholarship monies as determined by the Head Coach and approved by the Athletic Director.

Ministry Teams: Each year, by audition, several students are selected to serve on the SDCC Ministry Teams.  For consideration, please contact the worship teams manager at 619-201-8723.

Affiliation Awards

The following are awards for first-time SDCC applicants only, and may require supplemental applications and service requirements for verifying initial eligibility and for renewal. Limit of one Affiliation Award per student.

CHS-SMCC Scholarship: $2,000 is awarded to new students who are in a graduating class at Christian High School, or who personally have been active members of Shadow Mountain Community Church for at least one year prior to SDCC enrollment.  This may also be awarded to those who have been actively involved in the youth group under the same time requirement. Verification of SMCC membership status will be conducted.

Affiliate Scholarships: $1,000-$2,000 is awarded to new students who have attended or worked at Hume Lake or Thousand Pines. Applicant must present a certificate or other applicable documentation, as offered by the affiliate or SDCC Admissions Department.  A student may receive only one affiliate scholarship per year.  

Joshua Wilderness: $2,000 Awarded to new students who attended the Joshua Wilderness Program.

SD4C: Scholarship monies received by the Enrollment Services Office from a contracted, participating church on behalf of a student are applied directly toward that student’s account and will be matched by Institutional funds. The College requires that a church send a letter of scholarship including the student’s full name along with a check made payable to San Diego Christian College to the SDCC Enrollment Services Office. SDCC’s SD4C application must be submitted prior to first term of enrollment for the academic year.

Word of Life Bible Institute Scholarship: $1,000 is awarded to students who transfer directly to SDCC after completing a diploma program at WOLBI in New York.

Endowment Scholarships

The availability of Endowment Scholarships is contingent upon annual earnings on investments. The application for Endowment Scholarships may be obtained by clicking here.  Endowments are awarded in the Fall semester. 

Bates Scholarship: Female students who are U.S. citizens, have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or greater and are majoring in Science, (Biology/Math), Liberal Arts, Education, Fine Arts (Humanities) or Business are eligible to apply.

Danielson Memorial Scholarship: In memory of Irvin L. Danielson, promising students with cumulative GPA’s of 2.0 or greater, majoring in Counseling/Psychology who demonstrate financial need are eligible.

Dan Gann Scholarship: This award is made available to a student majoring in Music who show exceptional overall academic potential and are highly recommended by Music Department faculty. Financial need is not a consideration.

Lovell Family Scholarships: Students majoring in Math, Science or Education who are at least Junior status are eligible to apply. Highest GPA’s are considered first. Students do not have to show need for eligibility. Scholarships may not exceed $500 per individual annually.

Henry Morris Endowment: Established in honor of Dr. Henry Morris, one of the College’s original founders and past Presidents, students majoring in Science (Biology/Mathematics) are eligible to apply.

Schindler Financial Group Scholarship: John O. Schindler, CLU and son, Eric J. Schindler, Chartered Financial Consultants along with Equitable Life of Iowa, have established a scholarship for students with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater, interested in lifetime missionary service and demonstrate financial need.

L.C. Smith Trust Fund: This is a half-scholarship/half zero-interest loan program made available to student(s) who show academic promise as well as financial need.

Maurice and Edna Wyant Teachers Scholarship: In support of education, students with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater who plan to pursue a career as a full-time, elementary teacher may apply.


SDCC Institutional awards are capped at a percentage of full-time tuition charges as follows: 

  • All SDCC Institutional Aid may not exceed 50% of full-time tuition.
  • For students receiving athletic scholarships, all SDCC Institutional Aid may not exceed the total costs of full-time tuition and on-campus room and board. This cap incorporates all other grants received from federal, state and outside sources. All aid for International students is tuition-based only.


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