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San Diego Christian College 2013-2014 Cost Sheet 

Costs per Semester


 Updated 3/8/2013  


Tuition full time (12-18 units) 


Tuition part time (1-11 units) 

  $993.00 (Per Credit) 

Tuition over 18 units 

  $426.00 (Per Credit) 

Room & Board 


Room and Board 

  $4,639.00 (Per Semester) 

Private Room Fee  

  $250.00 (Fall Only) 

 Mandatory Fees   

Student Life Fee 

  $465.00 (Required per semester) 

Technology Fee 

  $209.00 (Required per semester) 

 Deposits & Fees   
Reservation/Contingency Deposit 

  $100.00 (First year/Re-admit students) 

 Housing Deposit    $250.00 (Is applied to student account) 
Apartment Security Deposit    $300.00 (Spring Only) 

Administrative Fee (Fall) 

  $175.00 (First year/Re-admit students) 

Administrative Fee (Spring) 

  $100.00   (First year/Re-admit students) 

 Meal Plans   

Commuter Meal Plan 

  $608.00 (5 meals per week) 

Commuter Meal Plan 

  $1,138.00 (10 meals per week) 

 Health Insurance 


Health Insurance 


Athletic Health Insurance 


 Miscellaneous Fees   

Graduation Fee 

  $200.00 (For graduating Seniors only) 

Add/Drop Fee 


Challenge Exam 


Special Class fees 


Aviation Fees   Click here 
    to view Aviation Fees for 2013-2014 
    (these fees are subject to change)

Music Lab Fee 


Private Music Lessons 


Payment Plan Enrollment Fee         $30.00 
Late Check-In Fee 

  $75.00 (Assessed if check-in deadlines  are not met) 

Late Payment Fee 


Returned Check Charge 


Chapel Skip Fine 

  $25.00 Per unexcused chapel skip 

Parking Violations 

  $25/$50/$100( 1st, 2nd, 3rd & thereafter) 

 APS & Teacher Credential 


Adult Professional Studies - Tuition 

  $426.00 Per Credit 

Adult Professional Studies - Online Tuition 

  $426.00 Per Credit 

Teacher Credential Program 

  $426.00 Per Credit 

TCP and APS Fees    $280.00 Required Per Semester  
Credit Prior Learning    $75.00 Per Credit 

Student Teaching 


Special Class Fees  


 Summer Tuition 


Summer Tuition–SU 2014 

  $426.00 Per Credit 

Part-Time Fees 


Traditional Part-Time Fees 

  $158.00 (1-5 Credits) 

Traditional Part-Time Fees 

  $246.00 (6-11 Credits) 


Download the 2013-2014 Cost Sheet 


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