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Financial Check-In Procedures

San Diego Christian College provides Financial Check-In online through Empower Web.  The process will be completed once per academic year.  This is a MANDATORY process that occurs once students have registered for classes.  Students should check their SDCC e-mail account on a regular basis for information regarding deadlines and notices regarding this procedure.

Completing these steps on-time is highly important. Failure to meet financial check-in deadlines, may result in, but are not limited to, late fees, suspension of food services, class attendance restrictions, and interrupted internet services.   


  1. Complete Financial Aid Documents
    • Verify with the Student Financial Services Office that all Financial Aid documents have been completed.
  2. Complete Online Financial Check-In  
    • Log-in to Empower Web and complete a few short surveys located under the 'Survey' tab on the menu bar.
      • Health Insurance Form-Waive or enroll in SDCC's student insurance plan.  All students must be covered by health insurance while enrolled in SDCC.
      • Financial Agreement-Review and agree to the 'Promise to Pay & Financial Disclosure' and the 'Title IV Funds Agreement.'
      • Payment Options-Select how you will pay tuition and fees, and indicate if alternate fees are applicable to you.
      • Aviation Agreement- All Aviation majors must complete this survey acknowledging that they are aware of the additional fees associated with the Aviation program.
  3. Submit Health Insurance Card
    • If waiving SDCC's student insurance plan, don't forget to submit a copy of your valid personal health insurance card. A copy of the front and back of the insurance card may be mailed, faxed, emailed, or delivered to the Student Financial Services Office. Students who fail to provide proof of insurance in a timely manner will be automatically enrolled and charged for SDCC's student insurance plan.  




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