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Applicant Classifications

New applicants have not previously earned college credits at San Diego Christian College.

Transfer applicants have earned college credit at another institution and have never attended San Diego Christian College. An applicant who has been suspended by another college or university because of low academic achievement will not be permitted to enroll at San Diego Christian College for a period of not less than one full semester from the time of dismissal from the other college. Students who have been dismissed because of lifestyle violations at another college shall meet with Student Development personnel.    See: Policy for Transfer Credit Hours  

Re-admission applicants have previously attended San Diego Christian College. They must apply for re-admission and be accepted before registering for classes. After an absence of one or more semesters, a returning student must submit an application for re-admission to the SDCC Admissions Office. If one year or more has elapsed, any new or revised graduation requirements must be met. If two or more years have elapsed, you may be asked to go through regular admission procedures. If college level work has been completed elsewhere, official transcripts are required as part of the reapplication process.

If you were previously dismissed for academic reasons you must provide evidence of academic success as a full-time student prior to re-admission. Refer to your letter of dismissal for specific re-enrollment requirements.

International applicants are not citizens of the United States of America and need a student visa to reside in the United States. See: Information for International Students 

Part-Time Students are those who take fewer than 12 credit hours per semester. Application forms are available in the Admissions Office. Tuition for part-time students is based on the current per credit hour rate.   See: Cost Sheet 

High School Students/College Credit. SDCC may allow a high-school student to take one course per semester to obtain units toward high-school completion and/or to acquire early college units. Students must be admitted through the regular admission process with the following additional requirements:

  1. 1. Student must be at least 16 years of age.
  2. 2. Student must be at least Junior classification.
  3. 3. Student must be approved by the Admission Committee. 

Additional approval may be required from professors, Academic Vice President or other administrators, upon request of the Admission Committee. Student may enroll in lower division courses only. SDCC administration reserves the right to terminate enrollment at the end of any semester in which difficulties arise due to lack of college readiness.

Students admitted will be expected to comply with all college policies and procedures. Students will be expected to complete all course requirements according to the syllabus. Assignments will not be adjusted for high school students.

While parental concern is understandable, parents will be expected to limit their involvement in the college learning process. Parents may not accompany students to class nor assist in completion of assignments. Any concerns should be addressed in a professional manner in the presence of the student.

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