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Overnight Visit 

Our Overnight Visit Day is a great opportunity for you to get a feel for what SDCC is all about. We know that choosing the right college for you is a big step, and we have designed this event to help you as you go through the process of making that decision. Join us on Thursday night for our Academic Night, where you will have the opportunity to meet professors from each department and attend presentations on the different majors we offer (dinner included).

While staying in our residence halls, you will also have an opportunity to get to know both current and prospective students while getting a feel for what dorm life is like here on campus by eating in the dining hall and hanging out in our student lounges.
Join us the next day to worship in chapel, sit in on classes, meet current students and faculty, attend a financial aid session, eat lunch in the cafeteria, and enjoy all our campus has to offer.

Visiting the college that you’re interested in can be an important step in deciding on the right school for you. We believe that San Diego Christian College provides so much more than just a great education. We believe this is a place where you will grow in your walk with God as you seek to find your purpose and pursue your passion. Don’t just take our word for it, join us for our Overnight Visit Day and see firsthand the exciting things happening at SDCC.

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  5:30 p - 6:00 p         Check-in     Flagpole  
  6:00 p - 8:00 p        ACADEMIC NIGHT/DINNER      Pavilion  
  6:00 p - 6:30 p        Academic Fair        
  6:30 p - 7:00 p        Dinner        
  7:00 p - 7:15 p        Message from the VP of Academics        
  7:15 p - 8:00 p        Breakout Sessions with Professors          
  8:30 p - 10:00 p       Campus Event         


  9:00  a - 9:45 a     Welcome Session & Breakfast     Worship Room A  
  10:00 a - 11:15 a     Chapel     Lower Campus Chapel  
  11:30 a - 12:20 p     Students: Class Visit
Parents: Coffee with Admissions
  12:30 p - 1:10 p     Lunch     Cafeteria  
  1:15 p - 1:45 p     Financial Aid Session     Worship Room A  
  1:45 p - 2:15 p     Q&A with Administration      
Worship Room A
  2:30 p - 3:00 p     Tour of New Campus        


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