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The Value of a Liberal Arts Education

Whether one knows it or not, when students enroll at SDCC they stake their future on a liberal arts education. A wise choice is made. But do students know the basic philosophy upon which the liberal arts education regimen is built? Could they recognize the influence of this philosophy in SDCC coursework? Will this education connect with life goals? It is important for students to develop their own answers to these questions. 

Through experience and education, the faculty of SDCC has unique and relevant views on this topic and its applications to students’ lives. These faculty perspectives can be read within the essays at the link below. So, we invite students, both present and future, to read and reflect on their viewpoints before they form their own. Some studies indicate that the sooner students begin to really think hard about the benefits of a liberal arts education, the more likely they are to succeed in college. We want our students to be successful. We invite you to visit the essays written by SDCC professors and formulate your own thoughts on the benefits of a Liberal Arts degree.

Faculty Essays

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