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General Education Core Program

A general education program is designed to provide a framework for continued learning, orienting students toward a clear understanding of humankind as created in the image of God. It serves to clarify human relationships and responsibilities to the social and physical environments, and to God through Jesus Christ.

The general education curriculum at SDCC is made up of an interdisciplinary core of courses that spans the major fields of academic inquiry and performance. Courses are selected from the natural and social sciences, the humanities, and biblical studies. The combination of courses is structured to expose students to a diversity of ideas and issues and to broaden their literary, cultural and aesthetic sensibilities. Central to such an effort is an emphasis on strengthening language and communication skills, mathematical capabilities, and basic research skills.

It is expected that the general education course work will also produce students who can think logically and critically, articulating their values based upon biblical absolutes. Through the general education program, the College provides students with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to prepare them for the many roles they will undertake beyond graduation.  This foundation fosters lifelong learning and equips students to adapt to a changing world.

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