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Educational Philosophy

The educational philosophy of San Diego Christian College involves the integration of the inspired Word of God into all academic and personal aspects of a student's life.  This is a dynamic process that requires a teacher and a learner in a symbiotic relationship, which transforms the knowledge of the past into the innovation of the future.  The college purposes to accomplish its mission in three main stages:

  • Our judgment of truth emanates from the absolute standards of the inerrant Word of God.
  • Upon this foundation, teachers build subsequent aspects of education, which are evaluated within the academic principles taught in each discipline based on current, accurate, and well-documented sources of information.
  • Students make personal applications derived from the Word of God and the academic principles to solidify for themselves an integrated philosophy of life.

A biblical foundation followed by the acquisition of traditional knowledge, evaluated critically and subjectively applied, results in a truly educated individual, one who is able to think as well as act.  To this end, the faculty and staff at San Diego Christian College are committed to giving their time in personal attention and discipleship to the students entrusted to their care.


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