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The San Diego Christian College Honors Program requires students to have at least a cumulative 3.70 G.P.A. or higher. The purpose of the program is four- fold.  First, the students will receive recognition for their scholastic endeavors.  Second, students will develop and refine their abilities for leadership in present and future domains of scholarship by exercising more critical, creative, and logical skills as well as practicing advanced research and expository writing techniques.  Thirdly, students will achieve a depth and breadth of interdisciplinary knowledge by integrating concepts from the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Fourthly, students will develop and refine a Christian worldview based on the ability to critique and evaluate all knowledge on the basis of biblical truth and absolutes. 

Lastly, the Honors program will be implemented by participation in the meetings of the Honors Forum conducted by guest lecturers, and students will complete qualitatively different assignments in selected courses, which reflect the purposes of the program.   Students must have a sophomore status in order to participate in the Honors Program.

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