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February 2012
The SDCC Speech and Debate Team competed in one of the largest, most competitive collegiate debate tournaments in the country last weekend among some forty-plus universities: the Sunset Cliffs Classic at Point Loma Nazarene University. Below are some of SDCC’s awards and noteworthy accomplishments:


Jacob Bechtol—Finalist / 5th Place in Novice Extemporaneous Speaking
David Diaso—Finalist / 3rd Place in Novice After Dinner Speaking (Speech to Entertain)
David Diaso—Finalist / 4th Place in Novice Impromptu Speaking

Noteworthy Accomplishments

In the final round of Impromptu Speaking, in which there are three judges, David received First Place and 25 points (a perfect score) from one judge and a perfect 25 points from a second judge as well.
New SDCC teams Tarra Dally/Zachary Stine and Shelby Broberg/Grant Freeman both won their final rounds in the Junior Division after forsaking more traditional argumentation to run “performance” debates, in which the debaters perform, or act out, their advocacy to their audiences. Out of 30 possible points for only the most excellent speaking, Tarra earned 27.5 points, Zachary earned 28 points, and Shelby Broberg earned 29.5 points! More importantly, their creative argumentation became the talk of the competitors and judges! The topic was “America should reduce the deficit of trust between Wall Street and Main Street.”

Congratulations to these students! I applaud them for having the courage and endurance to voice their ideas at this grueling tournament of the mind, which ran over twelve hours on Saturday! 

Best Regards,
Josh Cangelosi
Director of Forensics



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