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Be still;and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations;I will be exalted in the earth. Psalm 46:10 (NIV) 

Brandon grew up in the country of Papua New Guinea where his parents were missionaries with New Tribes Mission.  He attended four years at Christian Heritage College (SDCC) where he met his wife Rachel. 

Rachel was raised in a loving Christian home in the United States. During her years at Christian Heritage College her eyes were opened even further to the vast number of people groups that had not yet heard the Gospel. 

In August 2003 they joined New Tribes Mission in carrying out the Great Commission. Their part in that task will be planting indigenous churches among the people groups of Papua New Guinea.  The task is immense. Learning a specific tribal language, teaching the Gospel, translating the scriptures, nurturing the body of believers, and equipping the native church to be self-sustaining and self-propagating. 

The Buser Family - December 2008 (click to enlarge)
The Buser Family 





“We are excited about the doors that God continues to hold open in the Sepik of PNG and about the part that He is allowing us to have in fulfilling His plan”. 

Read their updates below. 


Updates from Brandon and Rachel Buser - Papua New Guinea

Dear Friends and Family,
Brandon is down sick right now (something Malaria-ish) so I’m filling in to update you on the happenings here on the island. First, the great news that after a year of fighting breast cancer, our dear co-workers the Chens have returned! We are thrilled to be ALL together for the first time on the island. The Lord's timing is so great - the people here have such a love for them and flocked to Gail when she arrived! What a neat way to start gearing up for these next months! Pray for them as they continue to adjust to life here again at a very hectic time.
We are in full countdown mode with about two weeks left till we start the Bible Teaching (our date is set for July 16th). The nights have been filled with meetings in the village and the word is spreading. There have been so many encouraging talks and it really seems that a supernatural excitement has touched many of these islanders as they look to what is coming. Just the other day, the guys met with some of the big men here to discuss more logistics. At the end of the meeting, our island chief (see attached picture) said that he wants to be the “number one student” (lead by example) of the Bible Teaching that is coming. The ladies too are getting eager. Last week’s Ladies Meeting (a regular gathering us missionary wives have started in anticipation of the Bible Teaching) had about 150 Biem gals in it.
For those who don’t know, the Bible Teaching that will take place is a vernacular (in the Biem language) chronological Bible teaching that takes folks from creation to the life of Christ. This is all very new and will take some serious time to lay out for our guys. The teaching will happen in 1 hr sessions and run morning and evening, 5 days a week, for roughly 3 months. The Biem need to understand their “lost-ness” before a righteous God, and that man’s efforts to reach Him are futile. We’ve got a huge job ahead, but ultimately it’s God who will call these people to Himself…please pray.
All our kids seem to be taking all this in stride and have enjoyed a couple weeks off from school for summer break. We know it will be challenging for them to sit in the teaching each day, so we're praying that the Lord will use this to impact their young hearts as well to all He's doing here. Pray for us as we balance our desire to give 110% of ourselves to this time and to still be guiding and directing our kids well.
Praise the Lord that He goes before us in each and every hurdle whether small or big. With Brandon being down, I’m reminded this week of our health and how critical that’ll be in the months ahead. Please pray for the Lord’s protection. We can't tell you the encouragement you, our support, brings us! Thank you for standing with us as we prepare for battle. Continue to bring these people before His throne in prayer. They are so close to hearing .

Love, Rachel for the Busers

PS – We’re looking forward to some wild and exciting weeks ahead as the Biem hear the Word. As such, we’re going to begin sending out more regular updates. In order to save on work load though, us and the Chens (Wayne & Gail, who grew up in the States and have many churches there following this work), will try to send out alternating updates regarding the Bible Teaching. The format should stay the same, but some will be through the eyes of Wayne or Gail.



May 2012 - Dear Friends & Family,
This last week we finished off our 2nd Literacy Class for the Biem. We had 20 men & women finish off the course and come away with the ability to read and write in their own mother tongue. One of their greatest satisfactions is when they get a chance to read their books outside of class time, and in front of their families. The chance to "show off their 'stuff'" is extremely relished. It's also been a major recruiting tool for many who don't want to be "left out".

Preparations for sharing the Gospel continue to proceed. Bible translation is such an immense task but we're blessed to have huge group of Biem guys that can help out with this. In doing rough drafting this last week, we ran into issues describing hail to a culture that has temperatures rarely dipping below 80 degrees. Also describing Gods sorrow as He looked on man's sinfulness in the time of Noah...personal sorrow is covered in such a vague/broad sense in the Biem culture...the most literal translation of their term: "his inside was not good". It's at times like that, that I'm pausing to pray.

A big chunk of our time right now is spent out with the people. The difference between now, and the last couple years, is that we actually have the language ability to delve into more abstract topics. These times are fascinating as we get their takes on life, death, and what happens when they die (to which the overwhelming answer is "I've no clue!"). It's great to be able to tell them that there is someone who knows these answers, and that we'll be teaching them about Him in just a very short time. Most of these conversations end with a lot of eager folks saying that they can't wait for the Bible Course to start. Pray that we'll have the energy and opportunity to have as many of these conversations amongst the 2000 islanders as possible.

Thanks for the prayers guys. I know many are praying for Biem individuals and for our team out here as well. We're grateful and humbled by the support. Thanks for the part you play in this work.

-Brandon for the Busers

PS-The pics are of the 2nd Literacy Class, Rachel at a Ladies Feast, and the kids eating with their Biem Grandparents (Paps Nick & Mama Lucy). (click to enlarge) 
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