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Becca (Jones) Alvarez and Daniel Alvarez have a 16 month-old daughter, Anna Grace, and moved from Dallas, TX to Seattle, WA in Feb, 2007. Becca leads a team of IT Project Managers for Microsoft in Redmond, WA.  (Summer '07)

Robert Arias is a tenured elementary teacher for Desert Sands Unified School District (going on his 12th year). He lives in La Quinta, CA, with his wife (Kathy) and his two “tweener” daughters (Sarah and Elizabeth). “We also have a pet dog, named, “Peanut”   (That’s 'Cacahuate' in Español).” (Winter '05)

Ken and Joy (Hunten) Elben - Ken is Pastor of Christian Education, Shadow Mountain Community Church.  (Winter '11)

Elizabeth (Christiansen) Gutierrez teaches math at San Benito High School in Hollister, CA.  (Summer '08)

Adrienne (DeQuardo) Wadel - Adrienne earned her Masters Degree in Theological Studies, and her husband Mark earned his MBA after graduating from SDCC.  They have two children;  Madeline is 9, and Christian is 6.  Adrienne keeps very busy homeschooling her children.  Mark is a VP and computer programmer manager for Union Bank of California.  They still live in San Diego, and love it! (Winter '08)

Mark ('94) and Holly (Norrie '93) Mahnke live in Central Oregon where Mark builds high-performance aircraft and Holly teaches 1st grade at Central Christian Schools.  They have three daughters: Alli is 14, Erica is 10, and McKenna is 7.  Holly writes, "We loved our years at CHC!" (Spring '08)

Jeffrey and Leslie Martin live in Arizona where Jeff is High School Principal and Leslie is a Surgical RN. (Fall '07)

Heather (Milner) Lieurance - Josh is attending seminary at Talbot Seminary, working toward his MDiv, as well as working part-time in HVAC Engineering.  Heather is working for San Diego Police Department as a 9-1-1 Dispatcher. (Winter '11)

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Harold Cooks lives in San Diego. (Winter '09)

Don and Lara (Whitworth, ‘95) Frisque live in Colorado with their son, Nathaniel. Don offers his experience as a youth pastor to local churches and other non-profit organizations. (Spring '06)

Jackie Kammerzell is the Administrative Secretary at Woodcreek Healthcare in Puyallup, WA. She is quite active in her church, Grace Community Church, in Auburn, WA.  Jackie plays the piano and directs children's choir. (Fall '07) 

Sarah Kier - click to enlargeSarah Kier (photo) writes,"I am in my 11th year as a personal caregiver for Staff Loveland and my 9th year as a contractual counselor for Step by Step, a non-profit organization that picks up where "Life Choices" and "Carenet" end. We work with women throughout their pregnancy and the first year of the babies life. I have an 11 year old son, Jackson, and he is such a blessing from God!" (Winter '08) 

Losana Chan - click to enlargeLosana Chan writes, "The education at SDCC changed my life. After graduation from the counseling psychology programme of SDCC, I studied for two master degrees (M.Div. in Pastor Care and M.A. in Counseling) at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. Ever since 1998 I have been teaching and practising counseling in a private university and a medical clinic, respectively, in my homeland, Hong Kong. Tony Lee and I finally ended our 12-year-marathon-dating-relationship and got married on Jan. 06, 2007. (Winter '08) 

Lisa Morgan - click to enlargeLisa Morgan (photo) writes, "Currently, I am the Executive Director for the Western Region in the US for the FiveHT Media Group. ( www.fiveht.com ) I have two very beautiful children, born in 2000 & 2002. I would love to hear from past friends from CHC. You can find me on Facebook.  (Winter '08)

Milissa Lee (Mattingly) Richardson is married to Hamilton Richardson, who is a radio producer and writer for the American Family Association.  Milissa is mothering and homeschooling her children; Benjamin, James, Matthew, Molly, Camille, and Josiah. (Fall '07)

Susan (Trebing) Grey  - Donovan and Susan Gery have been married since the week after she graduated in May of 1994. They have 2 kids, ages 6 and 4 and currently teach sixth grade together at an inner-city public school. Susan teaches Language Arts and Social Studies and Donovan teaches Math and Science. Donovan was in the Army for 6 years, serving in Korea, Georgia, and Florida. He was active in leading Bible studies in Basic training and throughout his military career. They now reside in Phoenix, Arizona, although they would move to San Diego in a heartbeat if given the chance. Susan writes, "Please let us know if you are in the area; we would love to see you. We also head out to San Diego quite often (friends are stationed in Coronado), so let us know if you still live in the area." (Winter '08)

Chung Hung (Yu) Raindy writes, "I left CHC 12 years ago. Such a long time! I worked in school for 3 years, then I worked as a counselor in a Women's Shelter named "Lily's Home" which let abused women and their children stay. I then furthered my studies and earned a Master in Divinity, graduating in 2003. I went to Switzerland to focus on Ecumenical studies under the organization of WCC. I have operated my personal counseling office since May 2004, and now I am also a counselor in a secondary school. Praise God for His leading and guidance!!"  (Summer '06)

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David Como writes, "I am an Army Major serving as a logistics officer on the generals staff for the CA Army National Guard in Sacramento CA." (Fall '10)

Sandra (Giamanco) Mills writes, "I am currently living in La Pine, Oregon, which is in Central Oregon. After graduating from CHC in '95, I went back to school for my Teachers Credential, got that and then married Rodney Mills, who I met at SMCC. I only taught for one year in a Christian School and then went back to school for my Master of Arts in Organizational Management at the University of Phoenix, where I was employed. I obtained that degree in 2002 right before my first daughter was born. I have two children, Hannah, now 5, and Bethany, 2. I have been blessed to be able to stay at home with my children for the most part, however, taking in a little part time work here and there. I would love to hear from some old classmates who attended between '91 and '95.  (Winter '08)

Laura (Carte) Jewett - Laura and Charlie Jewett have 2 children (a 4-year-old daughter and a 16 month-old-son), and 2 businesses; a computer training business, and a financial planning business.  (Fall '07)

Mike -'95, and Beth- '93 (Bowman) Moser  are current residents of Portland OR. and have both been involved in Retail Management since graduation. They have a 4 year old named Jaden Michael. (Fall '06)

Traci (Ross) Armstrong writes, "Hello friends!  I've been married to my husband Jason for almost 10 years now and we have two amazing boys; Coby is 5, and Caden is 3.  We are preparing to move from Phoenix to Chico, CA about 2 hours north of Sacramento.  All of our family lives in that area, so we are excited.  Jason is a Mortgage Broker and I've been a stay at home mom for 5 years now."  (Spring '08) 

 Beck (Shore) Rowley Family - click to enlargeBecky (Shore) Rowley writes, "We have seen God shaping our lives for our current undertaking.  I (Becky) was an MK in Brazil and my husband Bill's family was in the Navy.  After we married, we traveled to Mexico, Italy, England, Spain, and Peru.  Bill has traveled on international business to Japan and Europe.  Several jobs and situations have also built our skills in working with various circumstances and troubled families/individuals. Through all of these and other events, we felt led to start a mission organization in 2007 called Impact International.  It will be exciting to see how God works through us in this organization. We have 3 boys; Robert 12, Joshua 9, and Andrew 5, as of Feb. 2008.  We live near Birmingham, AL and would love to see any old friends if you are ever in the area. Please remember to pray for us in our mission venture.  Gracias! (Winter '08)

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