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Norm Daniels writes, "After 17 years at Hume Lake, I drug the family back home to San Diego and took the position as Director for Pine Valley Bible Conference Center (www.pvbc.net).  Within about 2 years it became obvious that I am a terrible leader, so now I am in charge of Development for the camp. This is much better for everyone involved. :) I still paint and show in 5 galleries and do a monthly illustration for Surfer Magazine. Patsy is amazing, and the kids (Jessica 20; Joseph 18; and Rusty 16) ROCK! We all love Jesus and love what we are doing here in the camping ministry (I have been in camping for over 35 years now... whew). "Hi" to everyone from the good 'ol CHC."   (Spring '08)

Carol (Lois Kennison) Saye writes, "I and my husband Tim live in the Seattle area. We have been married over 20 years. He is a piano teacher and I am a pet sitter. We enjoy being self employed!" (Fall '06)

Mark Herb is working as a geophysicist for Ion Geophysical Corporationin Denver.  (Summer '08)

Sheryl (King) Scott is an IT manager for Wal-Mart. (Spring '10)

Paul Lambach - Since graduating from (then CHC) in 1981, Paul met and married Elaine Samples in 1984. Graduating from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary in Memphis, TN with a M.Div in 1987, and Ph.D in 1997, Paul and Elaine have served as career missionaries with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention in Brazil. Elaine serves through the local church and in their home, while Paul served in theological education and student mobilization. Since 2002, Paul and Elaine have served in Belem, capital of the state of Para, in the Equatorial Baptist Theological Seminary.  Continuing to serve as a Theology Professor, Paul also in 2006 became the Coordinator of the Seminary's newly created Mission's Department. (Winter '08)

Michelle (McClain) Elder -  Michelle and her husband Brad live in Vacaville, CA.  Brad is a CA Highway Patrolman and also flies a Lear Jet for a Sacramento Commercial Realtor.  Michelle is the Director of Women's Ministry at Valley Evangelical Free Church in Vacaville.  They have 3 sons; Brandon, Russell, and Garrett. (Spring '08)

Jamie Kae (Raab) DenUyL - Jamie writes, "Hi from sunny Indiana!! I think alot of my time at college their and tell my kids and family and friends how great it was. I have lost touch with people and hope to find a few I hung around with back then. God has blessed me with 2 daughters that are 19 and 17. I have pursued other interests since college their. I love Graphic Design and Art and Photography. After I moved back to Indiana, I became a hair dresser. Boy did the Lord lead me in that field. I am currently at home, semi-retired and doing art work. God Bless everyone here. Take Care, Jamie" (Summer '09) 

Don Rapp is has been Pastoring a small rural church for the past 4 yrs. (Spring '08)     

Kenneth H. Updike writes, "My wife Cathi and I, and 6 children (3 girls and 3 boys), live in a small community in South Dakota. I teach mathematics in the public school and I get to answer many questions students ask about God, evolution etc.  My wife and I started a homebased business to help homeschooling families with their math needs by providing math DVDs.    I give tours in the Black Hills through Mount Rushmore Tours. If you are in the area during the summer stop by Fort Hays in Rapid City and say Hi.  (Spring '07)

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Doug Barron is currently the director of Military Ministry at Campus Crusade for Christ in the San Diego area.   (Winter '12)

Len Carlsen writes, "I received my Master's Degree from Dallas Seminary in 1989. I married Jeanette Hufford in 2000 (my first wife) and have two children, AnnaRose and Taylor. I have also worked in the social services arena w/SED youth and DD adults and, most recently, as a mortician's field rep (removal of human remains). I hear lots of jokes in regard to my last position! I am currently conducting a formal career search so I can decide what I want to be when I grow up. (Spring '08)
Nancy Carlson - After earning her B.S. in Psychology,  Nancy has continued in counseling.  She currently owns “Counseling Toward Hope” and lives in Nebraska. (Winter '05)

Jim Fulton writes, "I am managing our family farm. I also pastor I small rural congregation. My wife and I are swim coachs for the local YMCA. I am also the swim coach for Troy Christian High School. I have for children, Dakota (girl) 18-will be attending U of Cinncinati this fall; Zane 14, TCHS; Gabriella 13, homeschooled; Ezekiel 10, homeschooled. Yes, My children swim, and yes, my wife and I help coach them." (Spring '09)

Barbara (Hagerty) Hearshman - Barbara has her Master's Degree and is working as a Mental Health Liaison at Bakersfield College; her husband, Harold, is a Licensed Clinical Supervising Psychologist working at Wasco State Prison. He has a doctorate degree. Both are Christians, attending Westchester Baptist Church in Bakersfield. Harold is a Deacon and Sunday School teacher;Barbara teaches a Women's Bible Study Group. (Fall '07)

Ty and Donna (Hanson) Propp - Ty works for Sodexho Campus Services at Grace College in Winona Lake, IN. and Donna works at Jefferson School. The Propps have been married 25+ years and have 3 children: Christopher (19), Matthew (16), and Emily (13). Donna writes, "Several of us have set up Facebook accounts to keep in better touch with each other. Please join us!"  (Spring '08)

Raymond Moon writes, "My wife (Martha) and I are still working with our businesses in Elsinore and Temecula.  We still love to travel. We will never forget our trips to Israel (twice), Greece, Rome, Turkey, and all over Mexico. I am currently in the Diaconate Formation Program in the Diocese of San Bernardino (California) in preparation to be ordained in 2012. Our kids, Raymond Jr. (21), Natalie (17) and Kevin (15) are the best."  (Winter '08)

Sondra (Stensvad) McGuire writes, "Dale and I married in '92, had Erin in '93, and Tim in '95. Between home, family, church, school and sports, we keep busy, and hopefully young!" (Summer '08) 

John and Denise (Jackson) Timby live in Colorado with their six children (Mary, Ben, Julia, Katherine, Gregory, and Sarah).  Denise works with John in his business as a kitchen installer. (Winter '05)

Steve and Donell (Watson) Trostrud write, "We have been working with New Tribes Mission Aviation in Papua New Guinea since 1989. Steve has been working as an aircraft mechanic on the mission's 8 aircraft and Donell is currently working in the medical clinic here on our mission center. We have three kids, only one of which is still with us on the mission field.  (Fall '07)

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Randy Brandt - Randy and Joanna (Morrison) live in the Denver area with their three youngest children. Their oldest daughter Heather is married, and second daughter Erika will be a nanny in Switzerland until the spring of 2007. Joanna teaches first grade and Randy is a childcare administrator. He also keeps busy with his website.  (Fall '06)

Stephen Converse has been a Pastor/Teacher at Grace Bible Church in Redwood City, CA since 1998. (Winter '09)

Rochelle (Duffy) Aubry writes, " I have been living in Alaska for over 20 years. I have 2 grown daughters that I adore! (Winter '09)

Don Folsom writes, "My wife Nancy and I have been married since 2002. We both work for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe in Southwest Colorado. I work as the Sr. Community Resource Officer for the Southern Ute Police Department, working with youth, families, and community events. My wife Nancy is a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. We attend the First Baptist Church of Durango and lead a couples Bible Study."  (Winter '07)

Paul Franklin is the husband of one, Danette (Kearns) Franklin, and father of 10.  They homeschool those who are still of schooling age, and attend Grace Bible Church in Yakima.  Paul works as the 'computer guy' at the Union Gospel Mission. (Spring '08)

Marti (Hooks) Todd writes, "I didn't graduate but I was a big part of the school (touring with the Christian Heritage Singers). Currently, I'm still singing with my churches' praise team and choir, and I'm trying to get in the public school system as a CNP worker.  I have 3 children, Justin-20, Josh-15, Dallas-9. I wish I could have come to the Alumni get together but I couldn't.  I always try to see if I see someone I know when I watch Turning Point.  Dr. David Jeremiah has always inspired me and still does." (Winter '08)

Duane Law and his wife Michelle have been living in beautiful Portland, OR for 5 years with their two beautiful daughters: Samantha (6) and Maegan (3). Duane is a Director with Dungarvin, a national organization based in Minnesota which provides services to individuals with developmental disabilities, mental health concerns, and Acquired Brain Injury. They have been married for 8 years and enjoy their ministry at Mt. Scott Church of God, through counseling and public presentations. Both Duane and Michelle are working on manuscripts, and working on publishing in the area of Christian life, and a children's book. (Summer '06)

Tim Lee writes, "This is my third year teaching 7th grade Science at Horner Jr. High." (Winter '11)

Raymond Moon writes, "Currently in formation to be ordained a deacon of the Diocese of San Bernardino in 2012. My wife (Martha) and I have 2 locations of our family Mexican food business. We have 3 children and are active in our local church.:  (Winter '11)

William Nichols and his wife Becky live in Walnut Grove, MO.  (Fall '07)

Tim and Brenda (Jorgensen) O'Neill currently live in southern Oregon. Tim is the Administrative Assistant for Eagle Point Community Bible Church, where he also fills the pulpit from time to time. After 15 years in children's ministry, he stepped down as Children's Pastor in December, 2011.
Brenda is the operator of "Brenda's Blessings Christian Childcare." Currently a home based day care, Brenda is exploring avenues to expand into a full center.
Tim and Brenda have three grown children and celebrated their 30th anniversary in May 2012  (Summer '12) 

Bonnie (Swanson) Garlick writes, "Brian and I have been married for 22 years. We have one son Nathan (17). I work for DuMolin Community Living; group homes for Disabled Adults. Brian works for North Bay Industries; work site for Disabled Adults. We attend Santa Rosa Bible Church." (Fall '07)

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