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Bud Brown is Pastor of adult discipleship and small groups at the Heights Church in Prescott, Arizona.  (Winter '07) 

Ned Cornelius is a Drug and Alcohol Counselor and writes, "Giving my life to God was the best gift I could have ever given myself." (Winter '09) 

Calvin Dodge -  is still working primarily as a computer programmer for a Boulder, Colorado company. His wife, Deborah, is working as a probation officer for a private firm in Tucson, which is why they moved there recently. (Fall '07)

Jeff and Robin Edwards write, "We have just joined Navigator's Ministries in their CDM (Church Discipleship Ministry) branch. We have 6 children and 7 grandchildren. God is so faithful. We are looking forward to being instruments in populating the Kingdom as God launches us off into this new ministry. Thank you for your prayers."  (Fall '08) 

Mintzer - click to enlargeKathy (Pirie) Mintzer writes, "My family has been living in WA state for the past 15 years. The last two of seven children are finishing homeschool. My husband works for the Army Corps of Engineers at a local dam. We are thankful for all of Christ's blessings and His sovereign faithfulness to us over 30 years of marriage."  (Winter '11) 

Vern Richert is a Minister of Music at Crestmont Baptist Church, Burleson, Texas. (Summer '08)

Jim and Esther (‘80) Shankula have moved from Ecuador back to San Diego to minister with their home church, Shadow Mountain Community Church. They are using their Spanish abilities to serve those who live near the border. (Winter '05)



Gary Adams (‘79), Carolyn (Culp) Adams (‘76)  are active alumni living Philadelphia. Gary is retired from the military and Carolyn is a Christian school secretary. Gary spent much of his government career at Washington D.C. & is now putting his experiences & MBA to work as Director of Government Relations for CARDONE Industries.  Their 14 year-old son attends a local Christian High School, & daughter Courtney is a Junior at Eastern University.   (Fall '06)
Glenn and Dorothy (Gilmore) Budd continue to serve the Lord through ministry and aviation in Peru.  Their daughter Amy is now an SDCC graduate; Audra is attending the Master’s College, and David is finishing high school. (Winter '05)

Jim Burdett and his wife, Judy, continue to serve God with New Tribes Mission in Papua New Guinea. They have four children: Ilai (23), Brian (21), Darren (19), and Heather (17). Their son, Darren, is a sophomore at SDCC. (Winter '05) 

Mary (Holmes) Schaeffer writes, "My husband Stephen and I moved to AZ 17 years ago from the Philly area.  Steve is the Facilities Maintenance Supervisor at First Baptist Church.  I was the Art Director at the Yavapai Blind Center until their closing, and now I am working on my Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University.  Kat, our adventurous 26 year old, lives in CO and loves the wilderness.  Beth, 22, is at Liberty University where she studies Psychology, and wants to specialize in Childhood Trauma." (Spring '08)

Suzanne (Stratton) Livermore writes, "My husband Brian is Senior Pastor of Crossroads Bible Church. We are in our 13th year there. We have 6 children, two are married, one is out of college, one is in his 2nd year of college, and we have two at home. Katherine will be a senior next fall, and our youngest, William, will be a freshman. I am working in the public school system. Life is full and there is never a dull moment! (Spring '08)

Ken McCune ('79) and Lori (Cherland) McCune ('78) After 13 years in Peru & Bolivia with SAM-AIR, the Lord opened the doors for church-planting among Spanish speakers on the Idaho-Wyoming border with AMF (formerly American Sunday School Union). Ken continues to rebuild airplanes with teens and Lori teaches English Language Learners and Spanish at the local public high school. Their daughter Katie, 23, is married and living in Minnesota with her husband, Wes, and Andy, 26, is in full time youth and camp ministry with AMF here in Eastern Idaho. 18 year old Yanet Orozco has been living with the McCunes on and off since she was 14 and will graduate from their church's tiny Christian high school in May.  (Fall '06)  

Jim and Teresa (Mills) Fletcher live in Yakima, Washington, and have since 1988.  They have four children; Tim (24), Ben(21), Matt (19), and Amy (13).  Jim works for Mohawk Industries as a Territory Manager in the Carpet Business, and Teresa is a Para Pro in Education, currently working in the Jr. High with Special Education children.  Teresa is also in the middle of a Master's Program, pursuing her Master's in Education. Both are very involved in their local church,  through the Drama Ministry and with the technical aspects of the Church - i.e. sound and lights. (Spring '06)

(Kimi) Abigail Wilson writes that she is a single parent of 3 college students, the oldest and youngest graduated with honors, and are now going for a Masters, the middle and youngest  are getting married.  (Summer '12)

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 The Paul Anderson Family - click to enlargePaul Anderson - Paul and his wife Mary (Harvick-Anderson) live in Alaska where Paul works for the Alaska State Department of Natural Resources.  Paul sent a photo of his family - his mission (left).  (Winter '09)

Jan (Clarkson) Arnwine writes, "My husband Billy and I just celebrated our 26th anniversary this past month. We have one daughter who is 15 years old. After 6 losses, she is truly a miracle and a great source of blessing to us. We are currently homeschooling. For 27 years, Billy worked full time and I worked part time at Forest Home Christian Conference Center. Three years ago, Billy left Forest Home and is currently working for a general contractor. For the past 10 years, I have also had the great privilege of working as the team leader of the drama ministry which is part of the Worship Planning Team at the church we attend. My thoughts go out to all the alumni from 1980 - WOW, it seems like yesterday but it was so very long ago! God bless you all.  (Fall '07)

Barbara (Giddings) Edwards writes, "Rich and I are living in Grants Pass, Oregon. We have five children, three kids-in-law and four grandchildren. I am in my fifth year as ESL coordinator/teacher for Three Rivers School District in Southern Oregon. Rich works as a construction contractor and does substitute teaching. He is active in the mission ministry of our church (Edgewater Christian Fellowship) and has been very involved in mission trips to Africa."  (Winter '12) 

Jean (Bruce) Hoeger received her M ED from the University of San Diego in Curriculum and Instruction, and has been a Social Studies/PE/Math/Computer Education teacher with the San Diego unified School District since 1980. She has been married to Kurt Hoeger since 1985 and they have 3 children. Michelle is a junior Criminal Justice/Psychology major at the University of Mississippi, Matthew is a sophomore History/Theater major at SDSU, and Michael is a senior at Helix High School. They enjoy travelling in the US and abroad and snowboarding/paintball/3 wheeling. (Fall '07)

Sharon (Reynolds) Hambrick - Sharon writes, "My husband Brian and I have five children, ages 2 - 20. We teach the school age ones at home. Brian is a staff nurse at the Kaiser neonatal intensive care unit in Sacramento. After receiving my master's degree, I taught school for a number of years in Hawaii and California. I have published ten children's novels with Bob Jones University Press (Journeyforth Books), all of which are available on Amazon.com. The most important thing I learned at CHC was to acquire, develop and constantly implement a biblical worldview based on the knowledge of God as creator, man as fallen, and Jesus Christ as the Redeemer of the world."  (Fall '06) 

Rev. David Heaney is now in a new ministry in Cheyenne, WY. David is a hospital chaplain at the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center since February 2006. David is married to Cindy and they have two children Bethany (11) and D.J. (9).  (Summer '06)

Mark and Jessica Hennings write, "We live in WA state; homeschooled our 6 kids, some of whom are grown; we also have a special needs son. We are active in our church, especially in music. God has blessed us in many ways."  (Spring '11) 

Paula (Leffler) Johnson writes, "After living in Virginia, Texas, Illinois, and California, we've settled back in Texas. My husband Jeff is a high school Special Ed teacher, and I am a graphic artist and designer.  I also do freelance work on the side. My parents moved to be near us. We have two daughters, ages 15 and 11, along with our adorable dog. We're all involved with church, family, and friends.  And of course we are growing older!" (Spring '08)

Vern Richert is Minister of Music, at the Southern Baptist Church in Ft. Worth, TX (Fall '07)

Tami (Russell) Olsen writes, "My husband I have 1 daughter, 2 sons and a 4 month old grandaughter. Our youngest son is attending a boarding school in TN and wants to be a pastor. My husband, 16 yr old son and I live in NW Washington. My husband is a fire fighter and I am a home maker."  (Fall '06)

Jim and Melissa (Scharfenberg) Vanderburg have moved to the Temecula area.  Jim writes, “I’m based out of Ontario airport now with Jetride Charter. Our oldest son, Ian, is starting Biola University this fall. We look forward to being a little closer to our friends in the San Diego area.”  (Winter '05)

Valerie (Williams) Jenkins writes, "My husband, Mel, and I did church-planting in Germany and Austria until 1993 with CrossWorld. We returned to San Diego and are doing ethnic church-planting with our mission in the Filipino community. We are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary this year. We have 4 children Andrew (26) Bethany (24) Christiana (21) Deborah (14). I homeschooled the 3 older ones to grade 12 and Deborah to grade 7. Christiana just graduated from SDCC. After 25 years I emailed Ritajean Pettinelli Strauss and we get together for coffee with her sisters, Rosie and Remette. What great friends we had at CHC!"  (Winter '08)

Wood - click to enlargeBruce Wood worked for the Institute for Creation Research for 9 1/2 years; just completed a 492 page novel, "The Seven Arks of Ararat" (spy-mystery-thriller-Christian apologetic), and is now seeking a Bible teaching position.  (Spring '12)

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