Important Online Class Information
> Important Online Class Information

Important Online Class Information

1. Generally, online instruction is for students who are comfortable using computer applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, email with attachments, etc.

2. The courses offered at SDCC are considered asychronous, which means you do not have to be online for a specific day or time, but do have to have consistent access to a reliable computer with reliable internet service. This is key to a successful learning experience.

3. Students taking their first online course will complete the orientation. You will learn how to login to your online classroom, access your courses, contact your instructor, and submit your assignments.

4. Depending on the course, students will be involved in a variety of interactive activities such as responding to discussion forums, viewing lectures online, reading assigned material from the required textbook, preparing culminating assignments, and taking quizzes and exams. Managing timelines will be very important to meeting the course expectations.

5. Textbooks will be provided for full-time online students. your e-textbook will be available to you inside of your classroom the week prior to your course date.

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