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MLB Great Brett Butler Speaks With Baseball Team

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lhWed., Oct. 5th, 2011
El Cajon, Calif. --Former LA Dodger and MLB great Brett Butler spent nearly two hours speaking with the San Diego Christian College baseball team on Wednesday, sharing stories and advice on faith, family, and the game of baseball.

Butler, known for is unbridled effort on the field, spoke of his drive to succeed in the game of baseball, even after being a reserve in high school and playing at a small college in Oklahoma. Butler proclaimed that the Lord gave him that desire and blessed him according to God's will. “Whatever God wants you to do, He will have you do,” said Butler. “As long as you are seeking to serve Him and are willing to be subject to His will. With that, I never left anything on the field because I played to honor the Lord with the gift he gave me.”

Butler spoke of his playing days, but also gave insight on battling cancer two different times in his life. “There were times when I questioned God about why he would give me cancer. But I had to realize that He promised me He would not give me something I could not handle. I had to accept that my life is in His hands.”

Butler left the team with some three main points: 1) Look at life through spiritual spectacles, 2) Citing Jeremiah 29:11, the Lord has great plans for you. "Seek Him and His will' added Butler, and 3) You are an example to someone. This could be good or bad. Remember that the most important thing in life is sharing Jesus.

Butler played on five different teams (Alanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, San Francisco Giants, New York Mets, and Los Angelos Dodgers) in a career that spanned over 16 years. Butler had a career .290 batting average and collected 2,375 hits in addition to being selected as an All-Star in 1991 with the Los Angelos Dodgers. He is currently the manager for the Reno Aces, Triple A affiliate for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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