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Onywera, Hawks Collect Win

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Mon., Sep. 12, 2011
El Cajon, CA--San Diego Christian College’s Emmanuel Onywera had been waiting for the day when the ball would start finding the net. In the previous three games, Onywera had eight shots on goal with only one goal to show for it. Monday afternoon, the junior captain from Kisimu, Kenya, found the net and collected a hat trick in a 3-1 win over Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. 

Onywera’s first goal came less than two minutes into the game. Onywera tapped the ball past a defender and sped past him, drilling a shot just outside the box on the right into the back left of the net.

Just over 11 minutes later, SDCC’s (2-2-0) Jordan Abad placed a pass on the foot of a speeding Onywera, who immediately scored again, nearly from the same spot as his first goal.

“I was just completing the process my teammates started. They (Embry-Riddle) were pressing, which opened up room in the back,” said Onywera. “We were able to possess the ball and I was able to finish my teammate’s work. We were able to score two quick goals that they didn’t expect.”

After the Eagles cut the Hawks lead in half in the 57th minute, the physical game continued. Both teams exchanged shots throughout the second half. It wasn’t until a late penalty kick that the Hawks had the breathing room they needed.

In the 75th minute, Onywera received a pass in the middle of the field from Sophomore Leandro Vienna. Onywera tapped the ball past two defenders, before meeting goalkeeper Alex Elvidge who was trying to beat Onywera to the ball. Onywera reached the ball moments before Elvidge and a collision ensued, leading to a yellow card for Elvidge and a penalty kick for Onywera. Onywera promptly placed the ball in the left side of the net for his third goal of the game.

“I am impressed with our progress so far. We really fought hard; it is a long time coming. We had faith and kept fighting,” added Onywera.

“This win helps give us mental stability and confidence that we can do it. We have something to build on. “

The Hawks continue their season with their first road game on Tuesday, September 20th at Soka University.

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