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Chris Bando, SDCC's New Athletic Director

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 CbandoPRWed, Jun. 8, 2011
El Cajon, Calif. -- Chris Bando, [click here for full bio] the Hawks current Baseball coach, Athletic Chaplin and Associate Athletic Director, will assume the Athletic Director position as well as continue as Head Baseball Coach for the upcoming 2011-12 athletic year.

Bando, who brings a wealth of experience as a pastor (15 years), coach (20 years) and as a professional baseball player (20 years), says God has prepared his life to “invest in faithful people (coaches) equipping them to teach others (student/athletes) for the glory of God [2 Tim. 2:2].“

“My ambition is to continue on the path that Dr. Depriest has laid out for athletics,” commented Bando when asked about his vision for the department. “My role still is to be a shepherd of our athletic flock that God has entrusted to me at SDCC. “ Bando stands by the creed that the Apostle Paul stated when Paul said he labors to “present everyone mature in Christ” [Colossians 1:28]. “My heart is for discipleship and I will continue to insure we have the right coaches in place who place the priority on Christ-like character rather than the importance of who wins an athletic contest. We will recruit those whose hearts desire to glorify God through the arena of sport.”

Bando believes that if “we commit to Christ like character development, then winning will be a by-product of that commitment. We remain committed to investing in young athletic lives that God has placed on a platform to use their talents to the glorious witness of the gospel of Christ.”

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