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 Final Day: SAFECON 2011 Columbus, OH

Today – miraculously – dawned clear and calm. A light radiation fog layer hugged the ground but the sun was shining strong and the air was magnificent for the final day of competition.

The only event on the agenda was the final round – round 5 – of the short-field power-on landings. 3 rounds of message drop were cancelled and 2 rounds of visual navigation were cancelled due to weather and time. It is unfortunate that not everyone was able to fly and not all the events were completed but such it is when you can't control the weather.

Jenna Sims was our only pilot to fly. The event brief was at 0730 and Jenna took off around 0930. Her landings were magnificent. Just before her heat the tower changed runways to land to the east. All previous landings were done to the west on runway 27R. But the switch did not affect her accuracy. We won't know the scores until after the awards banquet but we were very happy with her scores.

With the final landing in Heat 35 of round 5 – SAFECON officially came to a close.

The next communique will list the standings of our pilots as announced at the awards ceremony.

Our plan is to depart early Sunday morning for Dallas then leave Monday at noon for El Paso. We will depart Tuesday morning for San Diego and be home at SDCC by mid day –weather permitting. It is a long, hard haul against the wind flying home. Please pray for our physical endurance, for mechanical integrity of our airplanes, and especially for benign weather enroute.

Thanks to all who have followed our journey along the way. Check previous posts for information on how you can follow our progress home on 



SUNRISE COLUMBUS - First time anyone has seen the sunrise in 10 days. Poetic justice for final day of competition  Landing judges line the runway for 300 feet. They raise their hands as the plane passes by with both wheels on the ground for distance measuring.  Jenna Sims holds short for takeoff in Heat 33 Round 5. Final round of Short-field, power on landings
   Close up view of Jenna on the takeoff roll. Note the concentration through those pink sunglasses!  Jenna touches down just short of the ZERO line. The long white line that crosses the entire width of the runway. We think her distance score was very good 

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