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SAFECON 2011 - DAY 6

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Tuesday - Day 6 SAFECON 2011 Columbus OH 


Tuesday Weather Report: STILL and CLEAR – However we've had our California weather interpreters decipher Columbus-speak into the following translation to mean: "STILL raining and CLEAR up to your knees"! Yes the skies are silent again as the cloud bases are at 500 feet. The forecast remains bad through tomorrow. In our boredom we have pondered some poetry. With apologies to Edgar Allen Poe:

Once upon a SAFECON dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of cloud and wind and rain,
While I nodded, nearly boring, suddenly there came the rain a pouring,
As of some one gently dropping, dropping damp…
"Tis some visiter," I muttered, "dropping more rain — upon my ramp

Only this, and nothing more…"

Roll Call on opening day is a highlight of the competition and each team prepares their unique response. Responses range from a simple 'here" - to elaborate skits, songs and hoots.
Your SDCC Hawks read a mock "ATIS" - weather report that was well received given the current weather in Columbus:

San Diego ATIS: Information # Kilo
Time: Always
Wind: Light and Breezy and Always Easy
Visibility: Unrestricted
Sky Conditions: Clear below the sun
Temperature: 24ºC
Dew point: (team shouts) Doesn't matter!
Altimeter: 29.98
Active Runway in Use: Cha, Whichever you want, Bro…
Notices to Airmen: Ocean Beach, La Jolla Beach, Mission Beach, Coronado Beach, Point Loma Beach,(Need I go on?): Open!
Use Caution: Surfers, Sunbathers in vicinity
Severe Weather Outlook: Icing-(team shouts) None!
Turbulence-(team shouts) None!
Convection- (team shouts) None!
Remarks: Why did we leave San Diego again? Maybe someday we can have SAFECON San Diego
Advise on initial contact: You have information AWESOME

With no prospect for better weather today, flying on Tuesday has been cancelled.
The team goes back to the hotel to study for the Navigation and ground simulator events. Tomorrow is scheduled for Power-Off Spot Landings.


 Air Force Academy and SDCC at the morning briefing SDCC team sings Happy Birthday to Coach Mat Belden Jenna Sims practice plotting waypoints for the Navigation Event  Kyle Mayhugh plotting waypoints for the Navigation Event. Coach Belden proctors practice exams  

 Prop drops... SDCC’s N5291E on the flight line with other cold, wet airplanes  N5291E reflects “Raindrops keep fallin’ on my Cowl”  Clayton Hawley flies the Frasca simulator with G1000 navigation display. 

 Jenna Simms and John Crotts prepare for Safety Interview. 

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