SDCC Flight Team - "SAFECON 2011 - DAY 1"
> SDCC Flight Team: SAFECON 2011 - DAY 1

SAFECON 2011 - DAY 1

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SDCC Competes in National Championships at Ohio State University

The SDCC Flight Team left San Diego for Ohio State just after the morning fog burned off Thursday May 12. Five planes began the trip with a prayer of thanksgiving and praise. Our prayer included a plea for a safe, smooth flight. Several planes stopped for fuel in Phoenix and everyone met just west of El Paso for another fuel stop. The next leg crossed West Texas to Plainview, just north of Lubbock and the final leg put everyone safely on the ground in Shawnee Oklahoma, just east of Oklahoma City at 10pm. 

The team was tired but thankful to have covered nearly 1100 nautical miles in about 10 hours of flying. Speed was important because storms were forecast for later Thursday night. 

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Jenna Sims prepares to launch from San Diego to Phoenix    SDCC Flight Team poses beneath the Pat Blankemeier Palm Tree before leaving.   John Crotts and Jenna Sims, flying partners first leg   Kyle Mayhugh and Dylan Jones refuel at Santa Theresa airport near El Paso.    

  Kyle Mayhugh and Dylan Jones before leaving San Diego.   The Cessna 172 (N5291E) and Piper Warrior (N40963) line up to depart for Ohio.   Frank Razo and Aaron Penney 
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