Library News - "This week's feature - OAIster and open access digitized sources"
> Library News: This week's feature - OAIster and open access digitized sources

This week's feature - OAIster and open access digitized sources

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I just got a new phone last week and soon realized that there are a whole suite of applications and widgets that I am going to have to investigate if I am going to use more than 20% of its capabilities.  It can just do so many things.

Today's libraries are like the new phones.  They fulfull their traditional roles and then add more.

Each week I am going to feature a different aspect of our library: databases, websites, techniques for research -- a "more" that you might find useful.

Today's featured resources is: OAIster.

It is described as "A union catalog of more than 19 million records representing digital resources from more than 1,000 contributors."  What this means is that it is a specialized tool free to locate Open Access digitized books, dissertations, theses, reports, papers, etc.

This subset of Worldcat allows you to search the digital collections on the internet for freely accessible full-text materials on your research topic.  This takes you beyond the traditional book, article, website citations in your bibliography/works cited lists and into some interesting sources.

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