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Quest Aircraft Kodiak Missionary Airplane

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Kodiak on Approach
SDCC Hosted Spokane Turbine Center CEO and Kodiak captain Jeff Turcotte along with assistant Jeremy Toews Friday, August 27, at Jean’s Flight Training (Gillespie Field, El Cajon, California). They presented the Quest Aircraft Kodiak missionary airplane. The purpose in hosting the aircraft was to give SDCC Aviation students a chance to ride in the new, state-of-the-art missionary aircraft which is now being flown all over the world by missionary organizations such as MAF, JAARS and New Tribes Mission. Throughout the afternoon seven sorties were flown carrying nearly 60 passengers from 1 PM until 6 PM; the passengers included Faculty, Staff, Students and some donors. 


Paul Ague and Captain Jeff TurcotteAll of SDCC’s missionary aviation students were able to ride in the airplane and a few were able to sit in the copilot seat and experience the “glass-panel” Garmin G1000 “synthetic vision” system first-hand. SDCC President Paul Ague was one of the first to ride along with his wife Lorri and both said the ride was amazing and expressed enthusiasm for a new program to offer aviation students a “turbine transition” course through SDCC at Spokane Turbine Center in Washington state.

Director of Aviation, Denny Breslin stated, “Today was a great opportunity to show the plane and generate some excitement for the Missionary Aviation program. Aviation students were able to ride in a plane that they may fly in the future and it was a chance for Missionary Aviation students to confirm their desire to serve and hopefully caused others to think twice about whether God may be leading them into this vocation.”

SDCC was pleased to offer an opportunity to show the plane to people with the ability to encourage potential missionary pilots into considering the ministry and to give students an opportunity to witness firsthand the type of aircraft they may fly if they choose a career in Missions Aviation. Thank you to those who donated funds so all of SDCC’s aviation students were able to experience this aircraft!

Kodiak Arriving
Captain Jeff Turcotte and Captain Denny Breslin
SDCC President Paul Ague



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