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VISION Team's Homeward Flight Itineraries

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The VISION XVIII team is coming to the end of its ministry in Ukraine. They will have their final public presentation Sunday morning (around midnight Saturday night Pacific Time). The team will return to their apartments to pack, then catch an overnight train to Kiev. A day of sightseeing is planned there, followed by a short night in a Baptist missionary apartment and and extremely early arrival at the Kiev airport Tuesday morning.

All flights below are on Tuesday, June 1, and all times are local to the indicated cities.

The main group consists of Mike Alvarez, Daniel Ciccarelli, Elizabeth Converse, Caleb Davies, Amanda Graham, Francisco Guerrero, Emilie McDonald, John Townsend, and Val White.

Here's the main group's itinerary:

    Lufthansa 3233 dep Kiev 6:45am, arr Munich 8:10am

    Lufthansa 9280 dep Munich 11:40am, arr Dulles 2:40pm\

    United 240 dep Dulles 5:30pm, arr San Diego 8:06pm

Heather Lawton travels to Jacksonville, FL on the following itinerary:

    Austrian 7172 dep Kiev 7:45am, arr Vienna 8:50am

    Austrian 93 dep Vienna 11:30am, arr Dulles 3:15pm

    United 7308 dep Dulles 4:55pm, arr Jacksonville 6:48pm.

Larry Wilson

has the following itinerary:

    Ukrainian Intl. Air 101 dep Kiev 6:20am, arr Amsterdam 8:20am (returning to San Diego on June 11)

Lizzy Byrd will remain in Kiev, joining with a group from her home church for further ministry with Little Lambs Orphanage. She will return to San Diego June 20.

Please pray for the team's safety through the remaining miles of travel, both on the road, on the rails, and in the air. God has been gracious over the years, and we know we are in His hands!

Thanks so much!

Larry Wilson

VISION Faculty Adviser

P. S. I hope to post ministry updates for these last few days of the trip, so please check back!


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