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Day 16: Thursday, May 27, 2010

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Ministry at Work

On Thursday, we headed out to the northwest edge of Kharkov to give a boost to a church building project with Pastor Sergey and a crew of his church people. The first photo is a panorama of the work area. The church building will be beyond this yard and the houses on the far side. The trenches are dug and the concrete forms and rebar grids are being prepared.



527 Construction Project Panorama

The girls, aided by two of our translators, formed a "bucket brigade" to move and stack all the lumber you see in the foreground as it was dumped by a truck. Mike and Daniel (center back) build dozens of wooden frames to be used as concrete forms for the pouring of the concrete foundation. The rest of us guys laid out and tied together many grids of rebar for reinforcement of the concrete. John, our missionary traveling with us, assisted in all operations.

 527 Tying Rebar

Here are the four neat piles made from the chaos of the dumped lumber. Great job, girls! (and John)

 527 Girls finish four stacks of boards

Dr. Cheryl Fawcett, former SDCC prof, now a missionary in a variety of countries, joined us for the afternoon and evening. As the Lord worked it, she "happens" to be in in the same country and the same city we are in, teaching Bible in another ministry. How amazing is that?

 527 Cheryl Fawcett joins us

The day concluded with pizza along the Kharkov River, having fellowship with young people from Pastor Sergey's church. It was a good ice-breaker, because we'll be with them again Saturday afternoon and evening, and our last VISION concert will be in their rented facility Sunday morning.

 527 Riverfront

All are in good health and the team unity has been a tremendous blessing.

Keep us in your prayers!

Larry Wilson

VISION Faculty Adviser


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