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> Music Blog: Day 15: Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 15: Wednesday, May 26, 2010

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Ministry at Play

After our rainy Tuesday, Wednesday dawned cool and windy, but turned sunny just in time for a ministry with Calvary Chapel in a playground near Pastor Viktor's apartment. They had never tried this before, but it proved to be a big hit with the kids and parents that frequent this area. They plan to have these regularly with their own students and youth, building trust in their neighborhood and paving the way for more ministry in the weeks to come.

526a Playground ministry526a Parachute down

 526a Val and Lizzy under chute526a Kids and parents under the chute

  526a Playground ministry KOH

In the afternoon and evening, VISION participated in a Sports Center ministry with the Calvary Chapel group. Several visitors joined in, some who had been invited at the park on the previous day.

 526 Sport Center ministry v-ball

Two young men, both Arabic speaking (and probably Muslim) students taking Russian at the nearby university, were invited in from outside the sports facility. We had a chance to teach them some ping-pong, and they stayed through VISION's songs and dramas. (One is visible in the photo below, being shown a printed program by one of the Ukrainian women. We trust that seeds were planted leading to better understanding of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for sin. Pray with us and the Calvary Chapel members that these two young men will come back to the regular worship services and other events held at that same facility.

 526 Sport Center ministry audience526 Sport Center ministry drama

Thanks for sending us and supporting us!


Larry Wilson

VISION Faculty Adviser





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