Music Blog - "Day 14: Tuesday, May 25, 2010"
> Music Blog: Day 14: Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 14: Tuesday, May 25, 2010

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Tuesday started pleasantly enough, as VISION assembled with Pastor Viktor of the local Calvary Chapel church (the one we sang for on Sunday morning) to strategize for the day's park outreach events.

We then headed to Gorky Park, one of two major parks in Kharkov. Though it was cloudy, we had no idea of what was coming. By the time we had sung a couple of songs, it began to sprinkle. By the end of the first drama, it was raining. We took some shelter under the trees in time for the massive downpour that followed. God apparently had other plans for us!

 525 Singing in Gorky Park BEFORE525 Singing in Gorky Park AFTER

 525 Rainsoaked Daniel and Amanda525 The day brightens in more ways than one!

We "hung out" in the Calvary Chapel rented assembly room until late afternoon when the weather was clearing up, then split into three groups for the evening ministry. Daniel, Lizzy, and John went with one translator to pass out invitations to a sports outreach for the next night in a nearby apartment complex. Caleb and Valerie went with an American who runs an English Club as an outreach, and the rest of us went to Shevchenko Park (the other big park in Kharkov) to "open" for the Calvary Baptist mime team. (VISION couldn't do a lot of their program due to having only six members on the scene.)

Though the weather was still damp and rather cool, by the time the mime team began, there was a pretty good crowd of onlookers.

525 Street conversations525 VISION presents in Shevchenko Park

525 Calvary Chapel mime team

Before and after the presentation, team members walked around, distributing invitations to the upcoming sports outreach and engaging passers by in conversation, with the help of Ukrainian interpreters.

We pray that many who were invited will come to Wednesday night's activity to hear a fuller presentation of the gospel!

Pray with us!

Larry Wilson

VISION Faculty Adviser




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