SDCC Flight Team - "SAFECON 2010-Day 11 and 12"
> SDCC Flight Team: SAFECON 2010-Day 11 and 12

SAFECON 2010-Day 11 and 12

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Day 12 
Day12 Strip

Tuesday - When you ask for prayer sometimes it is not plainly obvious how those prayers are answered. As we left Terre Haute we had two concerns: weather and maintenance. One of the planes had a couple intermittent annoying glitches that if we were to have them fixed, would involve hours of troubleshooting and possible delays for parts. But as we headed West from Abilene Tuesday morning there was no sign of either threatening weather or maintenance problems. Praise God!

The 3 hour flight to El Paso went quickly and the 4 hour flight from El Paso to San Diego was 30 minutes longer due to strong headwinds. All planes were safely tied down by 3pm in San Diego and 9 tired pilots and one Advisor relaxed with a well-deserved “home-cooked” meal provided by my wife Jean Marie to draw the SAFECON 2010 adventure to a close.

Day 11

Monday - We left Metropolis at 0630 CDT this morning and headed for El Paso TX, knowing there were storms and strong headwinds in our path. Our first stop was in Idabell Oklahoma for fuel. The storms started popping up on the radar between Abilene and Midland TX so we stopped short of Abilene to check weather and make a new plan. 

Some of you know that Mat Belden is a big fan of Dr. Pepper and some have said that his diet consists mostly of Dr. Pepper. So when it appeared our flight path would take us near Dublin TX – home of Dr. Pepper – Mat decided to fly down and buy a case. He and Titus got a tour of the factory and met us in Breckenridge about 50 miles east of Abilene. We decided it would not be possible to fly through a line of developing storms near Midland-Odessa. So we changed plans to spend the night in Abilene.

We noticed a P-51 Mustang in a large warbird restoration hangar so we stuck our noses in and beheld a most majestic sight. They were restoring a 2 P-51’s, a B-25 Mitchell, an F4U Corsair and various other authentic warbirds. Kyle Mayhugh was invited to sit in the cockpit of a beautiful polished Mustang. We wondered - if we showed up at NIFA SAFECON next year in a shiny P-51 Mustang – would we even have to compete? Or – they should just give us first place? 

Then the dreaming ended and we jumped in our planes and flew 50 miles through strong headwinds to tie our planes down in Abilene for the night. Hopefully the storms will abate and we will be able to get home tomorrow. Even though we stopped short, it has been a long day and everyone is tired and hungry. The heat and humidity here makes us all long for the cool, dry air of San Diego. Please pray for a break in the weather as we plan to depart early Tuesday morning for Gillespie Field.

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