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SAFECON 2010-Day 7

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Day 7

Flight Sim

Thursday. Day started sunny and clear – but that changed quickly and Terre Haute now stands on the edge of a huge rain front due to hit this afternoon. Meanwhile Navigation events launched at 7am after the 0600 brief. Mat Belden and Titus Dinkins started off but were disqualified after the planning phase due to a mis-read longitude number put the waypoint out of limits. Kyle Loenhorst and Dylan Jones finished but said their time was skewed by 40 knot tailwinds. Their time was not bad however as they were able to adjust their groundspeed. Their fuel use was within a half gallon of predicted which is very competitive. At this time Clayton Hawley and Aaron Varela are airborne hoping to finish before the rain hits.

Wednesday evening we enjoyed a meal with the First Baptist North church where the team is lodging. SDCC presented a card from President Paul Ague, signed by all the team members, to Pastor Mobey and Lyn Cunning who managed all the volunteers. Tonight the team will meet with the pilots from LeTourneau University and Liberty University for prayer and fellowship. We ask that you pray for our return trip as the weather between Indiana and California is forecast to be unstable over the next week.



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