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SAFECON 2010-Day 6

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Day 6 

Tuesday – Started out sunny but quickly turned cold, cloudy and windy. We started with power-off spot landings. Titus Dinkins was first, followed by Mat Belden, Kyle Mayhugh, Kyle Loenhorst and David Garcia. Conditions were blustery. The first two heats were inconsistent with unpredictable winds. The last three were all in “the box” which means they were scored for points.  

The day was complete at 5pm. The team took showers at the Rose-Hulman college gym and were treated by members of the First Baptist church to an excellent BBQ dinner at Rick’s Smokehouse.

Wednesday – With weather a “moving target” we changed the schedule to get the short-field (powered) spot landings in before more predicted rain. Titus was in the first heat, followed by Mat, Kyle, Kyle and David. Most of our landings today were competitive. We won’t know the score until the computer program runs on Saturday so we can’t know for sure how we did or how we compare to our colleagues.

Aaron Varela and Titus Dinkins presented our safety presentation for the American Airlines Safety Award. Both did exceedingly well. Paul Martin was our entry in the “IFR” event – flying a simulator through a pre-programmed instrument (IFR) scenario. Paul believes he did well in that competition. Mat Belden and David Garcia competed in the “CRM” or Crew Resource Management event which tests how well pilots can “crew” a multi-piloted aircraft through a scenario developed to challenge crews.

Tomorrow (Thursday) will be an early start (0600) - due to threatening weather forecast for later in the afternoon. They are planning to finish either the Navigation event or the Message Drop – the final two flying events in the competition. There are several other event planned for Friday.

After “work” this afternoon, Pastor Mark Tobey and his congregation hosted the team at the church with a meal and an opportunity to fellowship and introduce our team. We shared a slide show of pictures we’ve taken so far – some of which are shared on the website here. The church members have been so incredibly gracious to your SDCC Flight Team. We cannot thank them enough for the accommodations, the vehicle, the meals and the opportunity to share our experience with them.


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