SDCC Flight Team - "SAFECON 2010-Day 3"
> SDCC Flight Team: SAFECON 2010-Day 3

SAFECON 2010-Day 3

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Day 3

Saturday was threatening as well so the team filed instrument flight plans once again and headed north to Terre Haute, just east of a line of storms. Though it was cloudy and rainy, the weather was benign and we had no trouble getting into the Hulman airport where the national championships are held.  

We refueled the planes in the rain and were able to get a couple practice flights in for spot landings before they shut flying down at 6pm.

We were met by our hosts from the First Baptist Church of North Terre Haute, courtesy of Frank and Lynn Cunning and Pastor Mark Tobey:

First Baptist offered to host SDCC’s Flight Team. Little did we know how generous and gracious that offer was. When the team arrived at the church, they had stocked the kitchen and refrigerator, provided mattresses and rooms to sleep in and loaned us a large van to transport pilots and gear back and forth all week. On their website they sought volunteers to cook meals, and provide for us in any way we needed. We are so grateful to the First Baptist church for all they have done.

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