SDCC Flight Team - "SAFECON 2010-Day 1 and 2"
> SDCC Flight Team: SAFECON 2010-Day 1 and 2

SAFECON 2010-Day 1 and 2

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Day 1 


Thursday May 13, 9 students took off from Gillespie Field for the 1500 mile trip to Terre Haute. Four airplanes departed with Mathew Belden, David Garcia, Titus Dinkins, Kyle Loenhorst, Aaron Varela, Kyle Mayhugh, Clayton Hawley, Paul Martin, Dylan Jones, and Jenna Sims. With stops in Winslow AZ and Tuccumcari NM, the team landed in Hinton Oklahoma – near Oklahoma City just before dark. We covered nearly 1000 miles the first day.

Day 2

Friday dawned windy, cloudy, and rainy. The team took off for Kansas City to avoid thunderstorms though it was several hundred miles out of our way to the north. Refueled and refreshed with lunch, we flew north across the storm path in the clear and landed in Metropolis Illinois. Yes, Metropolis is the home of Superman and the team could not resist having their picture taken at the Superman statue downtown – just before dinner and a good night’s sleep at the home of Coach Mathew Belden’s father, Paul.

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