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> Music Blog: Day 13: Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 13: Monday, May 24, 2010

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Being part of the Harvest!

VISION's ministry often involves opening doors and planting seeds for follow-up by local pastors and missionaries, but on Monday, we rejoiced over seeing the Lord bring a harvest of eight souls into His kingdom through the team's ministry!

We spent the morning at a rehabilitation center called "Kingdom of God, playing volleyball, sharing names and background information, and presenting our program of songs and dramas. John Townsend, the missionary from San Diego who is traveling with us, gave a clear gospel message, and afterwards four of the residents came forward in public, one by one, to pray with John and a translator and receive Christ! What a joy that was for us!

524 KoG Concert 1524 KoG Concert 2

 524 KoG Lizzy prays with handicapped girl

In the afternoon, we went to "Hospital 17," and took turns holding and playing with babies and toddlers who were abandoned or taken from troubled homes by the government. SCM people here go every week to give a little love to these precious ones beyond what the nurses can provide.

 524 Hospital: Visiting abandoned babies

In the evening we drove to a Baptist rehabilitation center for another concert. Alcoholism and drug addiction are huge problems in Ukraine, partly due to the high unemployment rate, but mostly due to the lack of positive influence from God's word in this society. We appreciate the work being done to put these people back on their feet, but most of all, we admire those that provide the real answer to these problems in Jesus Christ.

524 Baptist Rehab Ctr 

Thanks for continuing to pray!


Larry Wilson

VISION Faculty Adviser




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