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Day 12: Sunday, May 23, 2010

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Day 12: Sunday, May 23, 2010 – Four Contrasting Churches

Sunday was another full day, with services in two churches in the morning and early afternoon, lunch in a local cafeteria, a visit to Kharkov’s central Orthodox church and a nearby art and craft market, and an evening youth service in a third church.

523 Bavaria church 
concert The first church, called “Bavaria,” was a relatively small congregation meeting in a rather large theater space, giving them plenty of room to grow. Their music was quite conservative, but included the interesting element of dance with colored flags, as well as a drama featuring the devil tricking people into worshiping other gods, so that they ended up in hell. Within their service, VISION did a 45-minute program, and John Townsend gave a message. Then we had to leave early to go to the second church.


Calvary Chapel (VISION provides the band)

This was a small but dynamic Calvary Chapel group with around 20 attendees. Their ministry model is bilingual, with all aspects of the service presented in both Russian and English, so they attract students and others from various countries who know English better than Russian. VISION provided the worship band, including yours truly on electric bass. After sermons by both John and their pastor, Viktor, we did a very short program of our own music—songs only, as there was no space for dramas. We will be working with this group a couple of days this week in an evangelistic outreach effort in a nearby park.


 523 Orthodox Church, 

Our afternoon visit to the Orthodox church was a reminder of how many people depend on ritual and good works to gain favor with God. The church was filled with people moving from icon to statue to shrine, crossing themselves and kissing each item, lighting and placing candles, and often gazing in contemplation at the images before them or high on the walls above them. One little girl, maybe 6 or 7 years old, was most notable, doing all of the above from station to station, but also taking it upon herself to blow out and discard candles that had burned too low, relight those that had gone out, and straighten the crooked ones. Such a precious young life, seemingly already locked into the ritualistic pattern – we can only hope that, as she grows up, she will come in contact with people who can lead her into a personal knowledge of the Savior, the only Way, Truth, and Life.


on stage at Metalist church 

When we walked into the large “Good News Church” in the Metalist area of Kharkov, we knew we were in a different environment. Their youth worship team was rehearsing, and let’s just say that conversation was impossible in or near the sanctuary.  Their playing and singing were excellent, but there was certainly a LOT of it! The worship was exciting – hoppin’ and happenin’, and many of the VISION team thoroughly enjoyed it. We plugged into their system and they made sure there was a LOT of us, too! After all the hopping and clapping, the young people listened respectfully to VISION and responded enthusiastically after each song or drama.


Lizzy Byrd is much better! On Sunday, she went with the team all day, but did not perform. She was on liquids only. Today (Monday) she has started some yogurt and similar foods, and was able to perform with the team. It's good to have her back, especially her trademark giggle!

More on Monday's ministry in the next post. Thanks to everyone for all the prayers!



Larry Wilson
VISION Faculty Adviser

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