Music Blog - "Monday, May 17, 2010 -- Being American in Ukraine"
> Music Blog: Monday, May 17, 2010 -- Being American in Ukraine

Monday, May 17, 2010 -- Being American in Ukraine

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On Monday we went to the Technical University, where we had a great visit with a room full of students training to be professional English-Ukrainian interpreters. Very few Americans find their way to Dnieperzerzhinsk, and we provided a golden opportunity for these students to polish their skills. After presenting a program of our songs and dramas, we divided into smaller groups for conversation. The subjects, of necessity in a public university, began with cultural and geographical issues, but topics of philosophy and faith also came up.

Team gathers for English class visit
517 Q and A with Eng Students

 517 combined pose with flags

Later in the morning we drove nearly an hour out into the countryside, thinking we would visit a more primitive kind of school. Instead we found a most impressive learning center with a computer lab to rival SDCC's (and far beyond our Music Lab set-up).

517 Krenichi school on stage

Again, being American gave us a lot of clout, as English is a huge part of this school's curriculum. The teacher was so pleased to have us. Her classroom was amazing, including a bulletin board so honoring of America that it is probably not found in any of our public schools!

517 USA bulletin board

In the evening we returned to the MIR theater ("mir" means both "world" and "peace," and was the name of the Russian space station). There we presented a full 90-minute concert in a smaller theater room. Though the audience was smaller than we hoped for, the invitation given by the Pastor Vitalic afterward resulted in 13 people asking to receive Christ! The local ministry will follow up on these, and we rejoice in the increase God provided!

 516 MIR Theater exterior
517 Monday night at MIR theater

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