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> Music Blog: Saturday, May 15, 2010 -- Serving the Lord and people

Saturday, May 15, 2010 -- Serving the Lord and people

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Today was a very full day, but one of satisfaction, seeing how God worked through the team in a variety of venues.


Serving the Needy

Caleb helps with the clean-up.Mike serves the борщ (borscht)After a time of rehearsal and prayer in the morning, team members had a chance to follow Jesus’ example, when He took a towel and knelt before his disciples to wash their feet. The ministry we’re with here in Dnieperzerzhinsk operates soup kitchens in two locations every Saturday. Homeless and needy Ukrainian individuals and families in the area know they will get at least one good meal of borscht and bread once a week from the evangelical believers. Workers move among them and pray with them as they eat. What a testimony to the community surrounding these church locations!

Our students were privileged to assist in this process today, the guys in the “Left Bank” facility and the girls on the “Right Bank” side. (With the Dnieper River running through the middle, all locations in the city are identified by the locals as one of the above.) What a blessing it was to see our guys pitch in with a cheerful attitude, providing bread, picking up the dirty dishes and washing them, working alongside the faithful church people, and cracking the ever-present language barrier with smiles and laughter.  


Mutual Inspiration with Ukrainian Youth

515 Youth meeting

In the afternoon, the team got back together on the Right Bank to share a time of worship and present a concert for a large group of young people. This church seems to have a thriving youth group, and certainly a "happenin'" worship band! We're learning that worship times can easily span 45 minutes and more of continuous singing and praying, both before AND after our 45-60 minute VISION presentation. It was encouraging to see that this part of the future of Ukraine appears to be heading in the right direction spiritually!515 Mike in the drama King of Hearts515 Lizzy gives her testimony





Bringing Churches Together for Community Outreach

515 Ministry in the Park

A balmy Saturday evening found us as the featured event in a gathering of five area churches in the city park of Dnieperzerzhinsk. The park was teeming with local families and youth. At first there was a lot of confusion about where we should present, and it seemed we may not be able to at all, but the Lord led us to the perfect spot. When VISION began to sing and present dramas, dozens of people came to listen and watch, and church members passed out literature.515 Preparing the Sin Box for a drama More seeds planted....!







 Please continue to pray for VISION XVIII and Ukraine 2010.

 Larry Wilson

 VISION Team Faculty Adviser



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