SDCC Flight Team - "Monday: January 21, 2013"
> SDCC Flight Team: Monday: January 21, 2013

Monday: January 21, 2013

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An early breakfast and Titus started the long but satisfying drive back to campus. Pleased with our efforts and results, pilots completed their flight planning and took off for Gillespie Field. We took advantage of the opportunity to get some air-to-air pictures of Juliet as Steve and Kayla flew down the coast by Morro Rock and Pismo beach. Everyone was home and tied down by 5 o’clock – the last being Titus and the van as they drove on campus, horn honking and hands waiving. People walking around campus could not have known what the all the fuss was about. But 12 pilots and 4 coaches, beaming with pride, were acutely aware of the sacrifice and effort behind the celebration. An honor well-deserved…

The following is a detailed list of individual honors and awards received by our flight team!

The Winners List for PCIFA Regional Competition 2013! 

Power Off Landings: 2nd Place - Dylan Jones
Short-Field Landings: 5th Place - Jenna Sims
8th Place - Kayla Harder
9th Place - Dylan Jones
10th Place - Sean Conlan
IFR Competition: 2nd Place - Michael Elm
Message Drop: 1st Place - Sean Conlan & Dylan Jones
5th Place - Kayla Harder & Jackson Judge
6th Place - Mike Visnovsky & Kayla Harder
7th Place - Kevin Brandt & Jenna Sims
Navigation: 4th Place - Jackson Judge & Kayla Harder
5th Place - Jenna Sims & Kevin Brandt
8th Place - Sean Conlan & Dylan Jones
E6B Event: 10th Place - Jenna Sims
Pre-Flight Event: 6th Place - Kayla Harder
9th Place - Jenna Sims
ACID Event: 7th Place - Mike Viskovsky
Simulator Event 7th Place - Sean Conlan
9th Place - Dylan Jones
10th Place - Blandy Castro
SCAN Event: 6th Place - Dylan Jones

Top Pilot Awards: 

Top Female Pilot - Jenna Sims (2nd year in a row)
Top Female Safety – Jenna Sims (2nd time)
Outstanding Team member – Blandy Castro (Voted by the team)
Red Baron Sportsmanship Award – SDCC Flight Team

School Overall Ranking  Point Total 
ERAU (national championships) 313
SDCC (national championships) 136
MT SAC 115
SJSU 103
USAFA Compete out of regions -
scores not included
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