SDCC Flight Team - "Sunday: January 20, 2013"
> SDCC Flight Team: Sunday: January 20, 2013

Sunday: January 20, 2013

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The day we have all been waiting for! Our last technical day of competition was Saturday with the exception of two events. Because SJSU has to host the event in Salinas – about a 1.5 hour drive from their campus, there are no flight simulators nearby for competition. Blandy Castro, Dylan Jones and Sean Conlan drove with the Mt. San Antonio College team for the Ground Simulator Competition at the SJSU campus.

Meanwhile, back at Salinas, Michael Elm and his IFR event judge were busy flying up to the Watsonville airport to shoot approaches, holding, and other instrument-related maneuvers as a part of the final flying portion of competition. Both events were finished by noon as the rest of the team took time for praise and worship at Salinas Valley Community Church. We thanked God for such great weather and for the amazing team we were able to bring to Regionals. Thanks to Pastor Mark Simmons and the SVCC for the generous use of their vehicle during our stay as we often cannot afford to compete without the help of local churches.

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