SDCC Flight Team - "Friday: January 18, 2013"
> SDCC Flight Team: Friday: January 18, 2013

Friday: January 18, 2013

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The day dawns clear, bright and cold. There is a breeze, but it dies down by mid-day. A nearly perfect day in all respects, our pilots are excited for the competition to begin. The Navigation Event was scheduled today and it proves each year to be an important event for our pilots and navigators, since we consistently score points in this event. Each team is allowed 3 competitors. Jackson and Kayla, Jenna and Kevin, and Sean and Dylan were our 3 teams. After their hour-long flights, we were pleased to hear that their planning and execution were almost flawless!

In the Nav event, pilots are given latitude/longitude coordinates and 30 minutes to plan time, speed, distance, headings, wind and fuel for their route while the copilot pre-flights the plane. When the flights are complete, estimated time enroute and estimated fuel are compared to actual time and fuel. Pilots win or lose by a few seconds or a few tenths of a gallon in their hour-long flights. Our pilots competed in ground events including Pre-Flight (Jenna, Kayla & Bryanna), Computer Accuracy (Jenna, Bryanna, Sean, Michael, and Alexander) and SCAN – Simulated Comprehensive Air Navigation (Dylan, Bryanna, Mike, Kayla & Alexander).

Traditionally, all the teams get together for a BBQ Friday night. It is our first official chance to get to know pilots and coaches from other teams and to fellowship with them. We find that each year our respect and appreciation for the competitors from our “rival” colleges increases with the time we spend with them. It gets easier to cheer for the winners when you win an event and understand what it took to get there…

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