SDCC Flight Team - "Thursday: January 17, 2013"
> SDCC Flight Team: Thursday: January 17, 2013

Thursday: January 17, 2013

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First official day of competition! Well...sort of! Our morning started with scheduled landing practice. This practice requires pilots to fly in heats of 4 aircraft each, simulating actual competition. The types of spot-landings alternate between power off and power on - every half hour. Scheduled practice is limited with pilots only receiving 6 landings each, hence our strategy to get as much practice as possible in the days before. The official competition kicked off with our Aircraft Identification Event (ACID) in the main hangar this evening! Each team is allowed 5 competitors. Pictures of unique aircraft are displayed for 3 seconds and pilots have 5 seconds to ID the aircraft, it’s nickname, and manufacturer. Completely exhausted from an intense training schedule, the team ordered pizza for dinner and called it an early night in preparation for a full day of competition in the morning!

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